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2012 the German industry sales increased by 1.5%
Advertising economy on printing industry has an important meaning, because more than 60% of the share of production depends on advertising printing. According to the 2012 event happened advertising, such as, the summer Olympic Games and the football championship, in the stable economic situation incentive advertising market. Germany printing industry officials say they hope to financial and debt crisis no longer cause economic instability, the advertisement market expectations and through appropriate and drew in hope for prosperity, expected in 2012 in the name of the printing industry sales will increase by 1.5%.
According to Nielsen media research data show that 2012 years ago 4 months of advertising revenue growth of 2.3%. Print media advertising total losses continue to 4.3%, the total amount of the electronic media advertising increased by 7.2%. And the corresponding printing industry sales in the first quarter of 2012 to 0% stagnation, and the whole industry continues to grow by 4.5%.
In recent years, the first German workers less than 155000 people. Related statistics show that, although the 2011 Germany printing industry of employees reduced. But until 2008 depression so far, the figure is the result of lower 10 years. 2000 printing industry also has the obligation of social insurance number of employees 222891 people. By the end of 2011, the number dropped to 154524 people, is also reduced by 30.7% or reduce 68367 people. Compared with 2010, practitioners reduced by 2.7% or 4227 people.
In addition, the equipment utilization deficiency. Printing service provider of low wages industry is the result of lack of start, this also is printing industrial structure change of another. According to win ship agency economic institute of the utilization ratio of equipment and survey, an estimated 2011 years, compared with the previous year printing industry on average 81.4% remained stable in early 2012, the two survey, the equipment utilization rate increased from 81.7% to. 2011 other processing industry equipment utilization rate increased from 86.1% to average, more than 2010 increased by 5.6%. At the beginning of 2012 to 84.6%. (Gold Printing Group)
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