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Digital printing the future opportunities
The 14th EFIConnect user conference in 2013 on January 15, to 1 month and day was held in Las Vegas. Connect the user meeting for business leaders to provide a wide range of learning, and people and industry to establish long-term cooperation opportunities, so they can discuss with relevant affairs, sharing business, process and the idea of income. The meeting including MIS/ERP system, network printing system, ink-jet printing and label solutions, Fiery technology, more than 150 kinds of technology research, EFI CEO Mr GuyGecht to bring you the latest market information.
Guy think digital printing future opportunity a lot, and special significance. This kind of opportunity firstly embodies in short version and personalized printing market. Market conditions show that more and more printing enterprise received short version and personalized printing of live parts, this is the traditional printing house can't touch place, and digital printing just can be in this market, zz.
The second is graphics and identification market, the traditional printing business due to the terminal customers efficiency, at the request of digital printing and digital printing needs more and more strong, how the traditional printing digital printing and combination, the use of digital wave advance production efficiency is the key!
With the continuous development of ink-jet technology, digital printing in the packaging and labeling the huge potential market has also been looking forward to, because this is helpful to reduce inventory and operation risk. Due to the digital printing with a standard PDF file, you can through the network transmission, and quickly put into production. It makes life a preparation time greatly shorten, can fully meet the brand holders to product timely supply demand.
Label printing is a large market for digital printing production the primary application of the market, in the label printing market, digital printing has and traditional printing competition. According to I.T.S trategies company statistics, the world is about 600-700 factory installed production label digital printing machine, most of them before they are traditional printing enterprise.
In addition, the digital printing was also able to paper processors into "printing service providers", in addition to the traditional printing business beyond, still can provide a wider range of digital services. Customer relationship management and digital archives management and network distribution management is very familiar with printing enterprise service type. And a lot of digital printing system are now equipped with online glazing, coating, stacking and die cutting device, greatly improve the production efficiency. (Gold Printing Group)
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