Industry point of view: printing never die; they only fade away
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Industry point of view: printing never die; they only fade away
In the 21st century, people from all walks of life change quickly, many companies can not adapt to more, printing industry, too, doubt printing can do?
We come to the United States for the 10 years printing industry change data, may clarify the development trend of the domestic.
According to the end of 2011 the United States association of printing a survey, the statistical report the printing are classified into three categories, "information" class, including newspapers, magazines and books printing; "Marketing" class, including all advertising literature; And "product support" class, including packaging, labels and manuals, etc. In 2010, the information of the total output value of printing (Revenue) 23%, marketing class accounts for 57%, product support class accounted for 20%.
In 1999 ~ 2009 years of 10 years between, gross output value of information related to decreased by 20%, the number of reduced 40%; Marketing class output only decreased by 5%, but related to the printing house number is decreased by 40%; Product support class total output value not only didn't reduce, but also increased by 1% ~ 2%, and the number of related or decreased by 30%. Can imagine a reduction in the number of the reason is that digital save manpower, increased efficiency, also let supply over demand more hasten is serious, leading to some factories "class".
Another data display in 1999 and in 2009 the United States printers "of the average annual output value" change, the average annual output value information from $1999 in 5 million to 2009 to 7.2 million us dollars, ten years increased 44%; Marketing class from $1999 in 18 million to $2009 in 25 million, a 39% increase; Product support class from 1999 $100 million to $150 million in 2009, a 50% increase.
This ten years printing overall demand change is not big, but the number of sharp decline, so a 1999 years of American printing house if in 2009 is still in dry printing living word, the average annual turnover grew 39% ~ 50% less, because a lot of business competition.
Our domestic printing industry, it is not in the same direction?
Today the domestic printing house and didn't think printing demand less, but feel the competition intense, profit, low operation pressure, most colleagues have the same idea, said everyone want to change, must change, will change.
If we make good use of trend information, can predict competitors will reduce, so "how to wait for 30% ~ 40% of the competitors' class '", is the topic of should face.
More accurate title should be "what method can take more work, human, however, do not need proportional increase?"
Wait a few years, the day will soon come, if, when you are engaged in printing words. (Gold Printing Group)
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