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Michael Makin points out, the chairman of the printing industry printing needs to reform the United States
U.S. industry printing chairman Michael Makin printing industry association member units to the United States recently sent an email, said in an E-mail to the printing industry association will conduct a series of reform, to adapt to the changing printing industry development, the concrete content as described below:
Current global printing industry is constantly changing and developing, and printing enterprise and the entire printing industry must adapt to the development and ready to meet the challenge, therefore, the printing industry association must change in order to better guide them.
We recognize that the printing industry association must quickly reflect and adapt to the rapid change of the printing industry, we are taking strong measures to deal with the current industry situation, stick to our core mission.Earlier, the printing industry association announced the technical training mode after the reform, in an era of Internet development is more and more fast, more and more people through the Internet resources for learning, we must reflect on talent training pattern and to accept the new model.
We are very pleased to announce that the American association of printing industry in 2014 will launch a new online training platform.This platform will provide top training for our members, and does not require that they spend hundreds of dollars for training, also do not need their money as costly as ever.Provide remote training will enable us to develop more flexible education content, provide the most advanced technology for members of the course.
Of course, we also will continue to provide classroom learning and face to face communication opportunity, and we in the industry vendors will also be generous with their training equipment.
We will work to promote the continuous development of the industry.In addition to the previously mentioned online training platform, we will continue to provide free technical consultation hotline, justice studies, case studies and technical report every month, to give way in the industry to understand the latest technology development.
We believe that the multi-channel marketing and media strategy will be crucial to printing industry in the future, it is not easy to change, but we must move forward. (Gold Printing Group)
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