2014 ipex Open Day
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2014 ipex Open Day
     On Wednesday, November 20 Ipex2014 open the exhibition the new exhibition hall in London Excel held successfully.Including the Ipex potential and existing exhibitors, media reporters and other industry colleagues from around the world, more than 250 delegates participated in the event, and to Excel the modernization of new pavilion expressed highly appreciated.
Ipex2014 host direction participants gave 2014 ipex exhibition comprehensive overview, introduces the latest development of 2014 ipex exhibition and characteristics, and covers during various activities, convenient for exhibitors to choose to attend.
Ipex2014, President and chief executive officer, Patrick Martell shows participants special facilities Excel new exhibition hall in London.Participants have said, "the success of this Ipex2014 exhibition Open Day is a very good signal. Our optimism returned for this exhibition, the organizers of this activity to give me a warm warm feeling".Debao company UK marketing manager commented: "Ipex exhibition Open Day provides a good opportunity, can provide a with Ipex exhibition team and other exhibitors sharing opportunities. At the same time, debao, really looking forward to officially begin on the day of the Ipex overall value to be shown to the audience."
Gaussian international's director of marketing services, Eric bell, said: "the Open Day is a great springboard, as far as I know, many exhibitors are said to Excel exhibition is a smart move, the structure is reasonable, modern stadium, are the basis of fair successfully held." (Gold Printing Group)
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