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The world's first 2013 ink in the asia-pacific region sales
Not to the printing enterprise or ink makers, the asia-pacific region is one of the fastest growing areas.It is estimated that the asia-pacific region in the ink annual sales around $4.4 billion, ranked first in the whole world, including China and India's growth is staggering.
Because of this, almost all the big international ink manufacturers set up a branch in the asia-pacific region.In global sales of more than $90 million in 20 large ink manufacturers, there are six companies headquarters are located in Japan, and these big companies all have a certain scale production base in Asia Pacific.There are 3 companies based in China.
Other ink industry leader in the asia-pacific region is quite active.Despite the economic situation is less, but with the development of the printing industry in the asia-pacific region, the Japanese ink company still achieved sales growth in 2013.Due to the influence of European debt crisis, there has been no strong growth for the asia-pacific region's economic, but developing countries, the demand for printing continues to grow, especially in the packaging and printing and packaging printing ink market.

Gravure printing ink good prospects
Southeast Asian countries has maintained a stable economic growth, and with the change of the market expansion and eating habits, consumer market in the region's overall growth.Especially the market demand for packaging gravure printing ink is growing.From the demand for packaging printing ink and offset printing ink, China and India are the most growth potential of the two markets.The two countries' the market is growing, consumer lifestyle also happening the great change, they the strong demand for packaging products to promote the growth of the Chinese and Indian markets.In addition to the two countries, other asia-pacific countries also has a very attractive.

UV ink not to be outdone
Except for gravure printing ink is bullish on the prospect of UV ink in the asia-pacific region growth potential is very big.A lot of ink manufacturers are said to develop cost-effective UV ink products, so that in this full of hope to win more market share in the market.And on the product development direction, for printing enterprises to save more energy of high sensitivity to UV ink will become the focus of attention.As developing countries increasingly attention to environmental protection problems, especially in China and other countries introduced stricter environmental regulations, environmentally friendly printing ink market demand will grow further.Does not contain sheet-fed printing ink, high sensitivity of UV ink, water-based ink jet ink and water-based gravure printing ink for major companies such as open emerging Asia Pacific markets products provide a solid guarantee.
In front of the Asia Pacific market full of business opportunities, ink manufacturers are hoping through expanding capacity, increase the coverage and develop new products to attract more customers.As for China, although the government has published a series of restrictions, the competition between local suppliers is fierce, but the market is still very strong demand for ink products, while India ink to the development of the Middle East and Africa market makers, has a unique strategic position. (Gold Printing Group)
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