In Dusseldorf China Print 2013 will be jointly function during printing BBS
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In Dusseldorf China Print 2013 will be jointly function during printing BBS
According to overseas media reported the latest, and drew the organizer Dusseldorf company equipment and printing equipment industries association of China will be held in China Print 2013 common one-day in "China printing industry" as the theme of the peak BBS, the specific time is May 16.
It is understood that the theme of the official start of the peak BBS from 2014 a year will be held. Guests attend the BBS are representatives from global functional printing industry heavyweights, such as the American association of organic electronic OrganicElectronicAssociation/OE - A director WolfgangMildner, Heidelberg printing co., LTD. The new application research development department senior general manager MartinSchmitt - Lewe Dr.
"The function of printing development is in its infancy in China, the potential market is enormous. Medical, consumer electronics, for paper, film, metal, glass or other materials of the packaging industry has brought new markets for the development of printing technology." Dusseldorf China co., LTD., Dusseldorf, Germany, vice President HansWernerReinhard stresses. According to forecast of China printing technology association, from 2009 to 2016, the Chinese printing market function value, the growth rate of 21%, the specific amount will be 955 million euros.
Digital printing has been drew 2012 plays an important role in the exhibition, exhibitors drew the innovation park a large number of innovative applications and technology industrial co., LTD. Dusseldorf by introducing the "digital printing products and solutions" exhibition has been extended to seven related exhibition company direction, involved in retail, glass processing, packaging, plastics, printing and medical technology in six fields.
"As one of international exhibition products, Dusseldorf company plans for the Chinese printing market function to provide a professional platform. And Dusseldorf China co., LTD., and printing association, will further deepen the strategic cooperation, this will open up a new market for company future business development." Drew SabineGeldermann finally commented that the project director. (Gold Printing Group)
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