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Europe and the United States after the printing market after change under the cloud
Recently, with the chengdu new establishment of the new material co., LTD. All equipment, announced a new member join, otmar issing MBO, executive vice President Klaus now new identity is the chengdu new equipment general manager in Germany. This is the chengdu new company another important step toward internationalization. A conference in chengdu new equipment, Klaus and industry colleagues to share the current situation of Europe and the United States after the printing market.
Automation needs is on the rise
According to Klaus, currently the printing industry in Europe is still shrouded in shadow caused by the financial crisis is still not too good, troubled, however, the rapid development of Poland, the Czech republic and Russia and other countries. In terms of technology, the printing on the market of Europe, long printing in decline, towards the short version printing digital printing change very fast, the high level automatic adjustment device of the demand is increasing.
The European market, more printing enterprises tend to buy high quality, adjust the time faster. In eastern Europe, for example, there emerged more and more favor in a high degree of automation, faster to adjust ability of post-press equipment manufacturing enterprises. Klaus, for example, a German digital printing enterprise, different size of the book can do 16000 copies a day, for all online orders, every single print Numbers from one to one hundred, even thousands of each are not identical.
The printing market, too, a lot of printing enterprises is experiencing a collapse of bankruptcy. Kraus, 1982 in the United States, there are 5.1 printing enterprises, and now only 1.8 m, including reorganization merger cases. This mainly comes from the United States printing enterprise polarization, good enterprise merger restructuring and expansion, the lower part of the enterprise rapidly disappearing in the bad economic environment. In terms of printing quality, by the impact of the network media, the demand for the largest print 1.8 billion image advertising, today has disappear completely. This is a short version of the requirement and demand of higher automation equipment.
At the same time, Europe and the United States a new generation of young people are more like the habit of operating equipment on the computer are also lead to an improvement in equipment automation degree. In addition, in order to save, the quality of the paper in the fall, the post-processing technology more and more, such as oil, adding more color and color changes, etc., these requirements are virtually increased after adjust the difficulty of processing equipment.
Individual needs into a new hot spot
It is reported, on the north American market, newspaper printing business has almost disappeared. These enterprise business make a they are seeking more way to reduce. And personalized direct mail and advertising business, and at the moment, on the European market is hot photo books and other is becoming a hot market. As a result, inkjet printing technology is getting rapid development in the market.
But it is important to note that the books and periodicals printing market is still very large, just a lot already transferred to the printing, such as China, Mexico, Brazil and other countries, domestic production is not the United States. So for all equipment manufacturers, these countries have huge potential in digital printing.
Much attention has been paid to the sustainable development
And European machinery manufacturers generally very concerned about the environment, and began to roll out of low energy consumption, lower electricity equipment. With a paper knife, for example, machine without running down, if you can do when a year can save electricity costs 800 euros.
And German devices manufacturers pay more attention to "use" for the principle, the equipment life cycle is long as the design concept. Kraus argues that the Chinese market, too, will experience a stage, suitable is the best, and not all businesses need large equipment, high degree of automation equipment, easy to use in the future small and medium-sized equipment will be more and more popular. (Gold Printing Group)
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