American newspaper circulation revenue growth for the first time in 10 years
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American newspaper circulation revenue growth for the first time in 10 years
News on April 8, the newspaper association of America (NAA) said in a report, because the publishers to new business and gain more revenue from online subscriptions at the same time, in 2012, the us newspaper industry total revenue fell 2% to $38.6 billion, falling speed is the slowest in 6 years.
NAA data based on the survey of 17 private and public media publishing company, which represents 40% of the American newspaper industry circulation and half of its revenue. Data is only for the newspaper business in the United States, not including international business and other businesses with paper assets. Publishers to anonymous provides revenue for conditions of various decomposition data in detail.
Subscribe to the online help issue revenue rose 5% to $10.4 billion, this is since 2003 issue revenue growth for the first time. NAA data contains a new source of revenue for the first time, including e-commerce, shall undertake as well as the local enterprises with similar to the advertising company's service, and these transactions are in fact did not exist 10 years ago. These business contributed $3 billion in 2012 revenue.
NAA also will be a niche for the first time published and sent to the subscriber's push into the statistical scope, content and so on project these business contributed $2.9 billion in revenue.
If not including new business types, the newspaper industry in 2012 total revenue fell 3% to $32.7 billion, fell to its lowest level since 2006. In 2011, not including these kinds of new business revenue fell 5% to $33.9 billion. The us newspaper industry revenue peaked at $60.2 billion in 2005.
NAA President Caroline - ritter (CarolineLittle) said: "it's not like a just roll over the industry." Ritter says, association of new way of data statistics tells the story of a more optimistic, the industry is dealing with by creating new sources of revenue, sell the news on the Internet and mobile devices achieve advertising from printing.
The industry is the most positive changes in revenue growth. About 400 American newspapers to charge readers for access to online, and in some cases, the online subscription are bundled together with the print subscription. Results was published in 2012, revenue back to a little over $2007 in 10.3 billion, but still well below the 2003 peak of $11.2 billion. (Gold Printing Group)
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