Bill printing of digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology three big advantage
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Bill printing of digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology three big advantage
Bill is a daily part of everyday life, including money, checks, bonds, invoice, stock, stock, stamps and all kinds of tickets, etc. As a kind of circulation in the securities market, the printing enterprise must be the bill in material and related printing technology to take certain security means, to maintain the market order, protect the lawful rights and interests of the vast number of consumers.
Compared with the traditional security technology, digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology has the following advantages.
1. Technology monopolistic
In digital watermarking embedding process, not only can be all kinds of information as a digital watermarking information, and at the same time in the embedded, also can undertake key Settings, this make the whole process of independent innovation is larger, if don't know the key information, for digital watermarking information is almost impossible, so this technology has a strong technology monopolistic.
2. Energy saving and environmental protection
Digital watermarking user can will they had design through the digital watermark special software into security information embedded in print, do not need to change the printing process, also do not need to increase the special materials, just in the software investment, through the continuous improvement of the algorithm, the software update ceaselessly, can complete digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology unceasing optimization. At the same time, the digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology of hardware investment and paper, ink and other raw materials performance requirements is not high, can satisfy the normal network clear representation of the printing quality can, and energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection requirements perfectly, is a kind of conform to the requirements of social development of new anti-counterfeiting technology.
3. Strong applicability
Digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology can and other anti-counterfeiting technology combination, form multiple security technology, and does not affect the original design, such as and planar bar code technology (color piece), unlocking anti-counterfeiting technology (indirect show image), etc, can make the product combined application of comprehensive security level promoted further.
Digital watermarking technology is in rapid and continuous further development stage, the bill printing field is playing a more and more important role, has become the highlight of bill anti-counterfeiting technology. With advanced digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology is the development direction of the future. Along with the digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology constantly, which will provide more powerful instrument for security safeguard, and bring considerable economic benefit and social benefit.
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