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About sheet metal printing technology of simple introduction
Iron printing, is in the metal plate to print, therefore, also called metal printing. It is to be in commonly tin plated steel or aluminum surface printing graphic.
Sheet printing products, mainly used in the manufacture of food packing box, pencil case, children's toys and indoor decoration products, etc.
Iron printing, use hard metal printing content, it is easy to wear plate, so the offset printing, through the rubber roller transfer and, therefore, the structure of the press and ordinary printing paper offset printing machine basic same, but, metal plate can't like paper bending and posted on roller, can from rubber roller and roller between level through the. In addition, iron sheet printing offset press must be attached drying system.
Sheet printing process for:
Sheet metal processing, printing and drying
A, sheet metal processing
Before printing, with dilute alkali solution or alcohol, the metal plate surface dust, oil and clear clean.
Second, the printing
Metal plate surface smooth and no absorbent, therefore, iron sheet printing ink, must have good adhesion, but also has good heat resistance, resistance to light, nairongji, cooking and resistant to mechanical impact performance.
In sheet metal, general to printing many times, the first printed bottom varnish, protect the metal is not rust. The second is to use white ink printing ground floor, cover metal color, and then according to the printing color sequence, in turn, printing graphic. The last print light oil, protect the printing graphic.
Three, dry
The metal surface no absorbent, so every printed again, you need to ink drying. Drying method can use steam, infrared, electric, etc. Prints from drying way a head in, and another head out complete drying. The humidity of drying way depending on the printing ink different and different, generally in 150 ~ 200 ℃ between. The temperature of the bottom of the varnish to 200 ℃, the light oil drying temperature about 150 ℃. Temperature is too low, drying is not complete, high temperature, ink color, mechanical performance decline.
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