Common office type binding machine how to classify
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Common office type binding machine how to classify
In daily work, on paper, text, plastic, leather and other materials or binding with hot melt adhesive fixed machine, we collectively referred to as binding machine. Binding machine widely used, often used in printing industry, printing center and so on the many kinds of office. The way is various, a kind of machine can have a variety of way, then binding machine how to classification?
Financial binding machine
Financial binding machine, plastic willow tube to the financial statements and other financial form for binding; Its advantage is kept for a long time, not easy to decay, damage etc. Financial binding machine by table table, safety cover, operation panel, hose into the mouth, pressure paper device remove button, drilling needle holder, drill point, pressure board, gasket, wastepaper box and power composition.
Comb type (ring) binding machine
It is all binding machine, simple operation, easy to remove, can be repeated binding use; In addition, use of the lowest cost a, more suitable for small office. The choice of materials range is larger, can according to your own style of binding, and at the same time, a kind of binding machine two binding method is also this kind of type of a big characteristics.
Iron ring binding machine
Iron ring binding machine can be divided into 2-1 (21 hole) and 3:1 (34 hole) two kinds. 34 hole binding effect delicate, but only for binding thinner files, and 21 hole binding effect, but general binding thicker file.
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