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Traditional printing paper book is even stronger than before
In the past two years, with Kindle as a representative of ebook reader and iPhone, iPad as a representative of intelligent mobile phone, tablet PC, the rise of digital printing flawed. The change of the reading patterns in an imperceptible impact on the reader.
"The traditional paper books I read or the main channel, but at such a time, the digital reading has had to face every day. Young people face computer, Internet time not less than 3 hours, not including mobile phone." 80 "issued by group guo always said that their reading is becoming more and more refined and fragmentized, also according to different content, different scenarios choose different way of reading." Professional, learning books will choose paper reading, and leisure class books will choose to use a mobile phone, mobile terminal for digital reading; Evenings, weekends full time will read paper books, and waiting for a bus ride will look at mobile phone novel. "
Guo always think, digitization is the trend of The Times, irreversible, but there is no so "terrorist" and "fierce", he also believe that paper reading won't be so fragile, will continue to be tough to survive.
"Reading need atmosphere, need mood. Digital reading in the face of the information is very big, readers often face the problem of choice: your heart can not calm down. As far as I am concerned, the paper reading can let a person quiet down, let a person feel the heart is enriched and meet. When I choose to read digital media, more is a kind of access to information, and the real demand for culture, thought, I would choose paper reading." Guo always said.
Guo also get a general view of the "70" issued by wang manager group approval. To wang manager speaking, digital media is a tool, you can quickly access to information, but the real sense of reading or in the quiet night to light the candle, open a book ".
From the point of view of industrial development, digital publishing is undoubtedly the trend of The Times. "Digital publishing can quickly in large quantities production, dissemination and sales, paper book share and space will drop, paper books less and less, but also means that more and more precious." In the idea, the paper book will become a luxury, with paper books like have exactly the same as gold.
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