Australian manufacturing continuous October atrophy printing involvement
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Australian manufacturing continuous October atrophy printing involvement
Impacted by the global economic environment the influence of the recession, the Australian manufacturing has continuous 10 months occurrence systole, business and trade union leaders are to appeal to the federal reserve bank to cut interest rates.
From the Australian industry group issued manufacturing index to see, there are a lot of part of a display contraction trend, some product sales price down, stock also decline. Survey found that oil, coal, chemical industry, rubber and metal products, and the mechanical field of contraction in the slow. But in food, drink and tobacco products, wood, paper, printing, and non-metallic mineral industry increased contraction occurs.
Investigation shows that, because of weak demand, energy costs increase, plus imports competition and a strong, respondents to Macao economic outlook is still cautious.
Australian workers union secretary house said, in this situation, the need to lower interest rates to help the industry cope with a high impact. At the same time, the Australian industry group President wei's Banks also think, Australia enterprise on interest rates of pay are comparatively high, although in the past 14 months Australia the fed cut interest rates several times the implementation of measures to cut interest rates, but there is still space.
The two industry insiders believe that a high pressure of competition is caused by the manufacturing industry is one of the key factors, we hope the government will take effective measures to help manufacturing out. At present, the business and trade unions in waiting for the government's manufacturing working team next month response to the report.
The federal government also think, Australia manufacturing industry is facing a big challenge, this industry in the global competition to Australia's economic development has the basis and the importance of sustainable development. The government will work to support local manufacturing industry, make its get healthy development. (Gold Printing Group)
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