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The world's second largest printing exhibition Ipex 2014 into the 498 day countdown
From the world's second largest printing international exhibition - Ipex 2014 in London ExCeL international exhibition and conference center launched formally residual 498 days, the study involved printing, media and communication industry worldwide big events began to enter the countdown stage. It is reported, Ipex 2014 at present to attract the global printing industry top exhibitors and professional audience eager concern, more than 225 enterprises to participate in the fair, including the last exhibition 67% of the participating enterprises have the exhibition is confirmed, the scale of the whole show 63% of the total area.
The exhibition organizer promised to industry presents a high level exhibitions, Informa printing and media group has made a study of the depth of the global market report to analyze market changes, such as China, South America, and India area of emerging market are studied. The strategy study aims to explore global printing industry market and the important trend, population distribution, digital influence and emerging technology of mutual relations. The respondents Ipex 2014 visitors needs, exhibition center of gravity, and how will Ipex the printing industry and communication market to reply to the maximization of the value of paper and opinion,
"In the current industry to diversification development premise, for we clear the market demand will Ipex 2014 dozen cause printing industry a successful global exhibition is very important. We research and industry analysis agencies have and global printing communication industry thousands of professional personage communication, collect them about this important exhibition opinions. Once the end of the study in this conclusion after that, we will share the latest changes on printing industry." Informa printing and media group director Trevor Crawford (Trevor Crawford) so commented.
The results of the study will also be used to clear Ipex 2014 innovation in direction. It is including across media and Ipex 2014 fusion, cost 1 million pounds of VIP procurement project plan, covering 16 countries all over the world the road show activities, global printing industry peak BBS and will ExCeL avenue as the main visit channel resolution.
Crawford then added: "very happy to see printing industry has many exhibitors Ipex 2014 to a positive feedback, the results of the study will ensure that the exhibition cater to the market needs, more wonderful please everyone in the upcoming early 2013 immediate attention."
Also, Ipex 2014 exhibition marketing director Nick Craig Waller are expressed his views. "Really looking forward to Ipex 2014 in the next 498 days has a new breakthrough and more progress, hope the exhibition in the exhibitors and audience number hit a record high. Ipex 2014 is undoubtedly 2014 global printing industry investment, research, the best platform for the cooperation.
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