The United States is how to carry out digital printing business
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The United States is how to carry out digital printing business
When it comes to digital printing, just in October 2012 to the United States several printers turn once. Someone mentioned that American digital printing has accounted for 27% of the share, I see from the case, the data has its rationality. First of all, they have a lot of business is direct mail products. We know that the impact of the network to direct mail's influence is bigger, but older customers or inclination to traditional shopping way, as a part of the older people or entities of books to read. In my visit these printing enterprises, some enterprise is very young, there are some enterprise has a history of over 100 years, they are thriving in digital printing business. Most of these printers from traditional printing to do digital printing, among them have to do better, also some slow development. Among them, the smaller the printing shop business model and our domestic use way is about the same, the introduction of digital printing equipment to perform digital proofing or short printing business, as a supplement of traditional printing. There are some enterprise even in traditional printing equipment equipped with digital nozzle, and cooperate with digital printing machine to make personalized products.
To direct mail products as an example, direct mail the product itself is personalized very strong product, if I receive a promotion list, I hope promotion list is for my personal interest for some publicity, so that I can leave promotion list, in buying demand and to use promotion single.
If we buy the digital printing equipment is defined as into the digital, that this definition is special some. When it comes to digital, digital process is also very important. I visited the factory, there are several very well. They from prepress start with bar code, the bar code from pre-press design to CTP plate to print to the warehouse, the bar code is always throughout the process. No matter which link to, and related equipment, you can make a scan information feedback to the MIS system, the customer is easy to understand the product present condition, in what process. There is a factory there is even a scanner automatic forklift, can directly read bar code information, and products will be sent to the designated delivery conveyor belt. In the United States we also see a the United States do personalized postcards, photo album's largest enterprise, it has two factory, one of them every day factory can produce 2.3 million pieces of card, photo album, photo album 40000 copies can do 72 hours after receipt of order delivery, postcards is forty-eight hours delivery. Completely through the network, digital printing, according to the need of the customers make different cover and content, can put the mailing address directly play to clients, or even the product direct mail to the end user hand. By this token, the United States the development of digital printing than China really need to more advanced.
But the United States that a set of completely to the home to also do not adapt, because their consumption habits and culture inheritance and there's a big difference between us. Anyway, for digital printing for, I think we should make full use of the Internet platform, combined with their own characteristics, to seek their own business profit model. I am as early as in 1998 began to contact digital printing, the truth, so far the traditional printing enterprise engaged in the digital printing, few winners. Currently engaged in the digital printing business to succeed, it is some non printing enterprise. I met a lot of enterprises in the discussion of digital printing, or discuss outlets, gray scale and so on. Want to know, the appearance of digital printing is likely to lead to the original traditional B2B forms to B2C transformation, the enterprise will likely face more final consumers, blindly confined to printing technology, equipment performance is good or bad, and ignore the business form, profit model, may to circuit.
For a while before there is a girl and her boyfriend to go to Thailand, she put her journey in the photos to make a personalized postcards, back home after printing to send back to her, she again according to the address, cover the local postmark. These personalized postcard hang by online public offering, to the cost of subsidies her journey. It is said that she now has sold more than 800 zhang! In the United States, parents will take the children a school year participate in football game, football game, party and campus life photo, make it a photo album, and will print out reserved for memorial, this is a kind of business model. This kind of mode in China must have development, because parents think children figure, memory is worth preserved, and the market should be big. But the how to do, capital investment and operation process, all want to think. So the future of digital business development is how to find a suitable for their own profit mode.
Of course, complete all this need to have good equipment guarantee, whether digital printing equipment itself, or the supporting products after printing. After MBO digital printing in the future also will work to help users to develop digital printing business model, hope to promote the rapid development of digital printing business. (Gold Printing Group)
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