America online printing market breakthrough gross output value of 1.9 billion dollars
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America online printing market breakthrough gross output value of 1.9 billion dollars
An international research institutions for the American market survey report, online photo printing industry in the past four years has maintained 21% growth, the market is expected to output value will exceed $1.9 billion.
In the past five years, social networks and other picture sharing website that the rise of the network storage and online printing business is developing rapidly.
Recently, an international research institutions in the United States market survey report, due to the increase of broadband and mobile Internet difficulty reduce make low-income users also have the share on the Internet and the ability to print pictures. Therefore, online photo printing industry during the 2008-2012 to keep 21.0% of the annual average growth rate, which in 2012 with an annual growth rate will be as high as 22.0%, the market value will exceed $1.9 billion.
The emergence of new technology and unit cost reduced to online photo printing industry brought more profit. Some enterprise development and the introduction of the process system, which reduces the labor intensity of the industry. And the improvement of automation and reduces the online photo printing industry practitioners pace of expansion. In the past five years, America online photo printing industry total employment in at an annual rate of 6.4%, and will keep growth in 2012.
From the overall, online photo printing industry concentration ratio is relatively low, and as the shutter and the quick increase market share, this trend will become more apparent. In addition, various acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions will expand a company's market share. Although most of the company's performance looks good, but acquisition and merger case still happen from time to tome. (Gold Printing Group)
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