Singapore the hkma New Year one hundred million plastic printing bills "such as notes"
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Singapore the hkma New Year one hundred million plastic printing bills "such as notes"
Monetary authority of Singapore this year two yuan currency "such as notes" (Good - as - New $2 notes). "Such as notes" is in after the lunar New Year immediately be recycled plastic money, outer circulation time not more than a month, clean and tinggua, is the quality of recycle money. It and traditional paper money difference may be indistinguishable crease or small black spots, don't watch carefully, "such as notes" and the new money.
To encourage environmental protection, and it doesn't affect the New Year red envelopes with new banknotes seal of the tradition of financial administration, this year will be printed one hundred million copies two yuan plastic notes, also introduced two additional RMB currency "such as notes".
The hkma spokesman said, the hkma will print one hundred million copies a year two yuan plastic notes, let the public to bank in new banknotes seal in red envelopes. But after the New Year of the general circulation needs only half of the total amount of printing, the rest of the new banknotes to accumulate after period of time will be destroyed, it is a waste of resources, also do not environmental protection. Two yuan plastic money general life about four years.
Spokesman said, the majority of the public to receive a red envelope, they put the money in the bank, the money is still new. Authorities and "recovery" the money, put in a machine were strictly intact "such as notes". The plan as early as in one or two years ago has started to ferment, the hkma hope after this year to get a warm response, next year may consider reduce print bills, reduce energy consumption, protect the nature.
The bank also support "such as notes", in addition to the length of the distributed for money red envelope bag, let the public in the red envelope seal without folding money outside, also can in different ways to promote "such as notes", encourage the public to exchange for "such as notes".
Singapore public from 21 day this month, to the Banks for notes and "such as notes". To improve the public "such as notes" the understanding, the bank will prepare "such as notes" as a sample, let the public in exchange for money in person before test.
Most of the public welcome "such as notes" launch, think in the lunar New Year for environmental protection contribute, the more meaningful. LiuMeiXia (59 years old, housewife) said: "as long as is really like new, and can support environmental protection, what is there against it." ChenGuoFeng (eighteen years old) said: "red envelope the most important thing is how much money in it, anyway I after the New Year in the bank, as long as it is the real one." (Gold Printing Group)
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