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The three major magazines two die, including survival is sorrow
On December 31, 2012, the United States old magazine "newsweek" launch paper version of the last period. Since 2013, the world readers never see printed paper "newsweek" the. This has a history of 80 years authority magazine in since 2013 only issue online, renamed the weekly world news ", provide online pay for reading. Positioning for readers to understand the news of the world into the height of the electronic opinion leaders ".
On February 17, 1933 published the "newsweek" is second only to The Times of the journal of the American's second largest news weekly, has been for card board advertising income plunge, magazine circulation, and reduce the readers to the Internet free news and struggle. "Newsweek" announced in October this year will stop paper magazine's decision. Previously, it has been reported that the magazine in recent years the average loss more than $4000. "Newsweek" has begun to carry out large-scale layoffs.
The last issue of "newsweek", cover the black and white mass-tone attune, with "newsweek" New York headquarters building pictures as a background, with a line of eye-catching characters "and the final phase of printed", also equipped with "push," theme label "#", this symbol also represent the end, symbolizing the magazine in the push, today, the official to print farewell, into the new era of comprehensive digitization.
Time magazine, is the United States and the world news magazine's leading enterprise, "newsweek" followed. The American news and world report "is the third largest newsweek, as early as in 2010 has stopped printing paper edition, stay online, so as to save the is about to close the door of the magazine. (Gold Printing Group)
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