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About new paint material in the paper

Light paper that is light the glazed printing paper, is a more human paper, paper of a rookie, lightweight high and low prices, excluding fluorescent whitening agent, high mechanical pulp content, environmental protection and comfortable. The original tonal can protect readers especially old man and children’s eyes, that they protect vision in reading from harm, easy to carry and readers read, have natural characteristics. The simple sense of light paper and thickness, transparency, printing adaptability and printing manuscript after reducing good, simple sense is good and lightweight and thick, with its printed books than by ordinary paper printing of books about a quarter to a third reduce weight, convenient to readers, also save on transportation and mail order cost.
Light is a rookie in the paper paper products, it does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, creamy white, rice white, valley white, colour and lustre downy, the vision has certain protective effect. At the same time, the simple sense of lightweight paper and thickness, good fold, not transparency, printing adaptability and reducing the original after printing. The most important is, the proportion of this kind of paper is lighter, with its printed books than by ordinary paper printing of books about a quarter to a third reduce weight, convenient to readers, also save on transportation and mail order cost.
Light paper transliteration way, Sweden Munkdkal (by Ken dell), a local paper production of light spot type paper named also called Munkdkal, when this kind of paper was first introduced to China, it will have a "will be" the name. Because it is our country the first light of the introduction of the glazed printing paper, so now domestic then habitually called this kind of paper to be Ken paper (light paper), in the paper of the general people directly called it "will be". In Europe, the us and Japan, and so often developed countries, the bookstore is more than 95% of the books in this paper printing.
The characteristics of light paper has the following several aspects:
1. Light thick, light. Light paper thickness is very good, so this paper at the same thickness can replace the original high quantitative paper, which can save freight and postage costs.
2. Natural color. Light paper made by chemical pulp, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent, because join special dye and creamy white or light cream-colored, compared with the average of glossy paper, the glazed printing paper, paper with darker color of light, and wood pulp close primary colors. Give a person a kind of of primitive simplicity, natural feeling, long time to read with light paper printing of books won’t cause eye fatigue.
3. Paper surface fine and smooth. Touch the light paper will feel the paper of the soft and fine and smooth, because no coating or coating, low quantity, make light of the paper does not rate to glance high ink absorption capability is strong.
4. Paper long service life and environmental protection. Light paper for no chlorine of paper, 100% pure chemical pulp copy system, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and other ingredients, so that the paper is slightly alkaline, can save thousands of years and not bad. Light without coated paper processing, mainly by fiber, calcium carbonate and water composition, no pollution, belong to the green environmental protection products.
Light paper general with coefficient said its thickness, such as 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, etc. To the thickness of the paper divided by quantitative!
"Light paper" market advantage
(1) domestic "light paper" compared with similar import paper, lower prices. Only about 65% of the price of imports.
(2) "light paper" the paper’s blow, feel soft, used for books printing, its appearance sensory, reading, use, save all can reach the ideal effect.
(3) "light paper" sheets of paper with the colour and lustre of international paper white degree is not higher than 84 degrees of the trend of environmental protection, the original is tonal, can protect human especially children and old people’s eyes, make them more comfortable reading, not dazzling, no fatigue, no hurt, to protect eyesight have certain effect.
(4) "light paper" and ShuangJiaoZhi printing effect, cost better than even lower. "Light paper" has certain thickness, usable 60 g/m2 "light paper" alternative 80 g/m2 ShuangJiaoZhi printed books, reduced the weight of the books.
(5) because of "light of paper" adopts neuter glue, use "light paper" printed books not easy to yellow, simple sense is good, lightweight and thick.

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