Light oil cost reduction is enterprise basic requirements
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Light oil cost reduction is enterprise basic requirements

Low cost and obtain the biggest profit is the enterprise survival and growth of the premise, packaging printing is no exception. Although light oil accounts for only 15% of the cost of printing (paper 45%), but the enterprise always didn't give up the cost of oil DuZhi of low light, packaging printing more eager to light oil provider to the best cost-effective, provide required light oil products.
Packaging enterprise in order to make itself operation cost optimization, innovate the firm sex of production, to meet the requirements of customers, in the production of high quality products at the same time, improve the production efficiency, innovation production environment and meet customer to product environmental protection request is packing printing light oil basic requirement.
1) enhance the light of high-speed printing oil compliance
Now, China's production of the gravure machine speed usually in the 150 meters and/consists of, printing machine speed improvement of the operating cost low, improve efficiency. So the printers to comply with the desire to 300 m/points so that the higher the printing speed plastic gravure light oil will soon listed.
2) improve light oil shading sex
Interviewed by several enterprise are eager to light oil production factory improve light oil shading sex, eager to use quantitative light mimeograph out more live thing or quantitative of live a with the most small amounts of light oil, to eliminate printing costs. However, the amount of light oil with light oil coloring sex close involvement. In ink amount must environment, the higher the light oil coloring sex, seals live a more more, the greater the profits.
3) the application of fertilizer application out or auxiliary
On one hand, the enterprise are eager to have run out of oil during the printing may be applied directly, and it need not add or rarely add fertilizer, will remain in solvent to light modulation of oil viscosity. Because add fertilizer will improve printing costs, growth before printing preparation time, waste of human, can also affect the solid ink sex, still can give a post-press processing lead to trouble.
On the other hand, will have certain specific emergency agent, additives and light oil to form a complete set, the results obvious and convenient for use. Can improve the light oil antistatic sex, and at the same time also does not affect the light oil India composite strength.
Some of the enterprise, but also has the use of light oil need short time storage problem, now many unused but has been added to the light of the auxiliary oil can't fundamentally continuous application, caused the waste. Therefore, after the application of light to printing oil, storage, 1 to 2 months after treatment can also continuous application, to eliminate the waste of light oil, save costs, which requires the light oil production sometime after oil in deployment ricoh not continuous application.

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