Zhisu composite products advantages
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Zhisu composite products advantages

Zhisu composite product requirements bond firm, the surface is clean, smooth, bright and clean, no blister, curly, not the kui film, a film, etc. Influence factors on the quality of the composite more, are objective factors and subjective factors. It involves operation place of the environmental factors (indoor temperature, humidity, dust, etc), and the factors involved in products itself (the use of printing ink, paper, kinds, printing method, etc), and with the use of zhisu composite binder, membrane and process conditions, operation methods and complex film machine structure, technical performance, etc have close relations, and comprehensive analysis of need.
A composite binder of product, fastness
Influence factors of composite products bond fastness roughly: glue, glue and the rapping itself film, paper and ink layer of affinity, sub condition, operating process conditions.
1, glue the rapping depends on the glue production technology formula raw material machine, and fumo plastic of solid content component. Some products in the composite rapping is good, place a long time produce to take off the membrane, namely film and the paper from, gently strip is a separate, even with his nails in the membrane surface under uniform, crease paper in film and withdraws, or will the compound product to fold the membrane surface, crease in film and the paper to take off the open, or will the compound product to the membrane surface and curly, also produce film and the paper to take off the open. These phenomena prove glue by external bond natural conditions of the influence of the failure.
2, rubber and the unique film to the influence of the composite fastness
The composite with polypropylene film itself has no chemical structure of the active gene, the polarity of material, the affine sent to glue, causing the surface adhesion of difficulties. So, to film corona processing, make its surface unsaturated double bond of the products and the carbon, make its surface can be active gene, the result of the membrane surface roughness increases, be helpful for glue coating. The membrane of the corona processing, the properties of the film a change, the polarity material into the polarity material, and to improve the properties of membrane affinity with glue. But corona process after the film has a deadline, a long time will fade, material is introduced for six months. Failure of the membrane surface tension of soul is reduced, material introduce below 39 dyne-second per square centimeter/cm2. How to distinguish the corona place inside and membrane corona processing is failure? This paper introduces two methods.
(1) in the membrane surface with fountain pens write or crossed, easy to touch the ink on one side surface corona processing. If the water is not shrink or a bead pointlike, and can't be erased, explain corona processing surface not failure.
(2) using 38 Mn/m surface tension instruction agent: a amide 54 grams, glycol ether 46 g allocate later test, in two seconds to shrink and is considered not indicator corona processing qualified.
3, rubber and the paper to the influence of the QinGeXing composite fastness.
Paper is made from the plant fiber interweave and become to a porous material, using fill the empty, the glue increase paper of water resistance, to make up for the surface concave). In order to improve the surface roughness and smoothness, on paper with a layer of paint, after rolling light or the super rolling light and become.
The use of paper prints, used to insert film usually have a white paper board, paper and paperboard etc glass prints. Their classification, one kind is a paper structure is tight, the surface is smooth, such as paper, pt. Another kind is the paper structure is loose, the surface is rough, such as white paper. Its internal structure and the first kind of close, with the condition of surface according to nearly the first category. When sub and paper ZhangJing compression and after, the surface is bad for the paper compound fastness sent some. The high point of the paper and glue combination, and not sticky to glue in low-lying, fillet in contacts with paper form together. For surface smoothness of high paper compound of some high fastness, sub and paper to basically together contact form, more glue with contact paper. For structure adhesive loose paper, the paper MaoYi cover was stripped away. Therefore, in use process should be based on paper and adjust the glue size, to fill paper un-even surfaces, improve adhesion fastness.

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