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The principle of selection of the magazine paper to adjust measures to local conditions

In recent years, along with the culture of the publishing industry rapid development, magazine show the great development "let flowers bloom" situation. The current magazine in more than ten thousand total varieties, paper ShuBaoKan paper in the total amount of also to nearly ten percent of proportion. In our print magazine of the production practice, the paper purchase, use of it may be said in salty frustrations with five. In this talk about the feeling, to exchange experience, learn it, make magazine, printing and paper mills from three party common benefit, to win more and win-win results.
The principle of magazine paper purchasing
1, and magazine the content location adaptation
Engaged in the publishing of people know, publications always content is king, form for content services. The same is true for magazine paper magazine content and the match. For example, the content of the serious magazine, use paper may not make public; Lively and fashion magazine content should use more bright beautiful paper; The same is the art magazine, movies, plays the requirements of strong visual impact, should use more bright beautiful paper, calligraphy, Chinese painting class magazine pursues refined, it should use light glossy paper, etc.
2, and magazine issue area adaptation
This is because our country over the political, economic and cultural development level is not consistent, so over the life consumption level grandpa different, of course, also including publications consumption level. Specific to magazine paper also will be different. The author thinks that, even if is the same content of the magazine, with circulation large enough, under the premise of the coastal developed areas to issue part can use class higher paper, to the Midwest, development of the low level of local release part is can use medium grade of paper.
In international issue of the magazine will apply this principle. According to different regions respectively magazine can design and use of high, medium and low different grades of paper.
3, and magazine readers object adaptation
Such as high income levels of service for the magazine, can use try to high grade of paper, can the luxurious. With the countryside readers as the object magazine, in the choice of paper, will try to save, but can not attend class.
With a magazine, also can part's over, normal version published and popularization of edition, or into urban version and rural version, in the use of paper, can be different, to show distinction.
4, and magazine status adaptation
The author in here for a small example do overture. The editor of a foreign propaganda unit in charge to I have foreign propaganda magazine paper consultation. He showed me some famous overseas magazine, these magazines use paper and basic it is thin pages, than we used to printing phone number used by thin paper also thin; And binding method all is riding the order. The director asked me, the international on such a famous magazine, why paper and binding means that simple? I answered, it is for the magazine has very famous, very authority, no matter how the carrier of his form, the reader will buy reading, so we can use cheap paper and binding way, to reduce cost, improve the purpose of profit.
This example is the magazine said the paper and the status of adaptation to the magazine. In the magazine's startup period, the magazine's popularity and reputation are low, need to use a good carrier form, to attract the reader's eyeball, plus appropriate content, have relatively fixed gradually readership, forming a certain brand benefits. In the brand benefit form, they can consider magazine paper and binding way of the frugal.
5, and magazine information form adaptation
A paper to the journal for medium, its information forms can be roughly divided into text, line, images of 3. When we are in the field of ZhangShi paper topic, can put the information form of crude into text and image two can. Have images of magazines, especially large areas of flat nets or field, whether the monochrome print, double color printing or four-color printing, ask the surface of the firm, the paper organization smooth, not to drop powder, wool. This point in purchasing for the first condition to as, best please provide samples in advance paper supplier, try printing, printing eligibility and correct determined, then batch purchasing.

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