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Brochure advertising design knowledge

Brochure design, brochure is an important commercial and trade activities in the mediator. Commonly known as the small ad. It conveyed to consumers by mail business information. Abroad, “the e-mail advertising,” “direct mail” and so on.

1. Targeted
China’s propaganda card album design can be divided into three categories: one is to promote the card (including leaflets, brochures, postcards, New Year’s card, business description cards, sales letters, etc.), for prompt merchandise, corporate promotional presentations and other activities; The other is the sample (including brochures, catalogs, corporate publications, catalogs), the system to show products, foreword, director or manager of speech, various departments, a variety of goods, the results, the future prospects and introduction services, establish a company’s overall image; the last category is manual. Generally attached to the packaging of goods so that consumers understand the product performance, structure, composition, quality and use.
Seen in this light as the ads on the content of many of the other vehicle. Difficult to achieve a comprehensive, detailed effects and directed propaganda purposes. Publicity card but is a complete form of propaganda. For the season or epidemic, for the business and personnel for trade shows, fairs, for the purchase of consumer goods, mail, distribution, gift. To expand the business, product visibility. Sale of products and enhance understanding of the purchaser of the goods. Strengthen the effectiveness of advertising.

2. Independence
Publicity card self-contained. Without the help of other media. Publicity from other media environment, public features, information arrangement, layout, printing, paper and other restrictions. Also known as “non-media advertising.” The samples and instructions are brochures? A cover and inside pages. The same as the book binding. Both the integrity of the cover. Have the content integrity. Publicity card paper, format, printing, mailing and presented objects and so independent.
Because of publicity card with targeted and independent features. Therefore, the full album designed to make it as a commodity advertising services, from conception to be the image of performance, from the format to the printing, paper have high demands, so that consumers love. As we get a beautiful card or a fine collection of books to properly. And not as readily throw away. Beautiful publicity card, it will also be long-term preservation. Long-term role to play.



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