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Hardcover book printing knowledge

Books in China are generally paperback, but paperback is not suitable for preservation. Hardcover book is a beautiful, easy to preserve the books, has a very high collection value, so collectors and library books like hardcover books.
Hardcover book refers to a sophisticated production methods. Hardcover books, mainly in the book’s back cover and the core of the book, the book corner on a variety of shapes made of processed. Processing methods and a variety of forms, such as book-core processing will have round the back (or can not afford from the ridge crest), side back, side angle and rounded, etc.; cover the whole surface is divided into processing, junction, radius corner, hot foil , Pressing patterns and so on.
Hardcover process
One kind and handmade with a single hardcover book process. The process is divided into three lines, namely, the core book, the book cover and fit. Be
Book core processing flow: semi-finished copies began to hit the page → → → Cutting stick, set page → page with a sticky ring lining → → → Sewing → semi-checking the accumulation flatten flatten → cutting → book → book → Tu adhesive tie ~ → drying → cut points of the book →
→ → rounding adhesive coating from the adhesive coated ridge → → → wet sticky cloth bookmark ribbon → → sticky plug the back stick coated adhesive cloth → → → stick coated adhesive paper back book → sticky cheese paper.
Book cover machining processes: calculations of the expected size of the shell closure is expected to open → → → group shell coated adhesive plug angle cladding → → → flatten the natural drying → stamping.
Sets of co-processing process: coating the shell seam adhesive sets → → → sweep pressure tank lining flattened shape → → → finished checking the natural drying → packing → bag dust jacket affixed identification.

The book is a hardcover book binding mode, with a protective cover of hard bottom (commonly used cardboard, covered with fabric, thick leather or calf, etc.). Hardcover books are usually stitched flexible spine so the book open flat on the desktop when they can, then the much more expensive than today’s spine gluing system to replace the traditional sewing. Most hardcover books printed acid-free paper and durable than a paperback book, go far, but the cost is higher, more expensive. Generally with a beautiful hardcover book jacket.
Hardcover book on the appreciation of several aspects should be noted
Appreciation hardcover from the following aspects:

Hardcover book printing, appearance, text, touch
1. Print
① sub-version? Especially foreign plant with a number of versions of printed books, non-mixed version, pay attention to graphics, logos, etc.
② no misprint printed front and back posts, front and back printing on the positive, overlay accuracy, error ≤ 0.2mm.
③ printing color hue and offers full compliance with the manuscript? Densitometer using the Hue R410 Germany, the main color in the picture ± 3% range.
④ front and back printing off maps, clip and clip color map.
⑤ text, a clear pattern, shiny strong sense of hierarchy.
⑥ full network, 5% of the fine mesh is not lost, no big point smooth paste, dot gain value ≤ 10%.
⑦ no Mexican bars, water bars, skin ink, the word collapse, paste version and so on.
⑧ no rub dirty, focus, ghosting, out version, flying water, scratches, misting, de-inking, etc.
⑨ no extra moldings film marks, pages clean, no stains, powder-free soundtracks.
2. Exterior
Founder hull, no stains, no scratches, wrinkle-free, paste-to-earth, no blistering, no damage, spinal sub-word, the plug length and thickness of the fabric of Qi is not skew, round ridge is greater than the general degree arc from the book thickness of 5 ~ 6mm, spine curvature commensurate with the curvature of the mouth book.
3. Text
Text floating hull liner with the same mouth trilateral position? The book block is usually less than 3mm hull is not skewed, spine and mouth-to-earth book, there are no side ridge horn type, no knife flowers, cut diagonal, the book block and the hull center of the position without falling, pinhole-free glue seepage, no broken string line, line loose, stains, no page size, page order chaos, the glue between the height of posts and post 1 ~ 3mm, no empty plastic, fake stick.
4. Feel
Re holding the book with real feeling, a sense of the book slot obviously depressed, turning 180 ° around the hull surface without creak sound? Hull and liner surface groove book false stick phenomenon.
In addition WIRO hardcover, in addition to the binding quality of the relevant processes, the hole two to be centered, flush orifice, no flash, shut up bits of 1mm, the core wire of not more than the book. This gives some modern aesthetic of simplicity, but more modern technology in both the fine.
In short, a good hardcover book is not by chance from the production process required strict control of process quality, product quality and process until the last fully qualified.


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