With good ink dilute agent is very important
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With good ink dilute agent is very important

In the printing process, often needs to allocate different depth degree of light color to meet the production requirements. Usually, printing enterprise USES in the dark ink add dilute agent way in to get the color is light. Dilute agent also called removed from light agent, is a kind of transparent or translucent additives, join the printing ink color, reduce the main desalination ink saturation effect. Commonly used dilute agents have wally oil, white ink, white oil, light pulp.
A, dilute doses of characteristics and application
Dilute agent will not change the general ink gelling sex, printing eligibility and other theological properties. Obviously, diluted the agent to join the more volume, forming process of the shallow. But want to notice, to join dilute agent, the printing ink pigment proportion will also decline, so if added much, can make the printing design hue gray, lose luster and saturation due. In general, diluted agent addition amount should be controlled in 10 ﹪ ~ 30 ﹪ is more appropriate.
Dilute agent and thinner, different, it is a kind of excluding pigment printing ink, by the resin and solvent composition. In the printing process, if found a ink is thinner, dilute dirty, become poor liquidity backwardness, transfer bad, then join dilute agent can solve this problem, diluted agent has ideal printing ink transfer rates, and no covering power. It can separate printing, to meet the special needs of printing quality. Such as printing have moisture, prevent ink layer drops wait for demand, can last printing dilute agent, let a colorless dilute agent the ink layer membrane "seal" rise, make the moisture from the air is not easy to enter ink layer and paper internal, thus plays moistureproof effect, make printing ink on with his hand touch rub to fall off. At the same time, the last used alone dilute agent printing ink layer can change has the surface roughness, to change ink layer of light reflection state, the imprinting appear more light and dark.
Dilute agents in different occasions to use have different functions. As in the adjustment of the separation of the printing plate deviation to join, is moisturizer; In printing speed allows rise of a small amount to join, is graces agent; In MoLi Chen to join, increase luster and firmness, is Chen ink restore performance of supplements, the performance of poor printing ink to join, is to improve the agent; The printing ink to dilute agent does not affect thinner to join, still can add diluent, is lower the cost of money agent. In short, the purpose is very extensive dilute agent, especially for poor performance to the ink circulation of low speed printing machine is necessary for things.

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