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Printing commonly used paper paper classification

Printing paper according to use paper used different, can be divided into industrial paper, packing paper, paper, culture and life paper several kinds, including culture in the paper which includes writing paper, art painting paper, printing paper. In printing paper, according to the paper and the performance and characteristics are divided into newsprint, printing paper, offset printing solutions to paint paper, paper, maps and sea dictionary drawings, intaglio printing paper, painting newspapers, weeks newspapers, white board paper, the written paper etc. In addition a few high-grade printed matter also widely adopted art of drawing paper.
Newsprint: mainly used for newspapers and some newspapers and periodicals the toppan printing, paper soft, rich elastic-plastic, ink absorption ability is strong, have certain mechanical strength, suitable for all kinds of different high speed can offset presses for printing. This kind of paper is made with wood for more OARS raw material, with higher lignin and impurities, paper, easy to yellow sent fragile, poor water resistance, it should not be long-term preservation.
Toppan printing paper: this is applied to the letterpress special paper, paper, with the nature of newsprint almost, water resistance, color purity, paper, surface quality of smoothness is slightly better than newsprint paper, ink absorbency more uniform, but strong ability to poor than newsprint ink.
Offset printing paper: offset printing paper is used to offset printing (as) a paper, and points the glazed printing paper and single and face the glazed printing paper two kinds, the glazed printing paper mainly used for printing single single, packing boxes, etc posters; Double the glazed printing paper mainly used for printing the picture album, pictures, etc. The glazed printing paper texture closely, less scalability, resistance to water ability is strong, can effectively prevent the paper when polychromatic overprint deformation, displacement and galling, take off powder problems. Can give prints, maintain the good color quality purity.
Offset coating paper: also called paper, and is on paper coated with a layer of inorganic coating then the super pressure made of light a kind of high-grade paper, paper surface level off is smooth, color high purity, printing can get more detailed bright and clean and network, and can better reappearance administrative levels sense, widely used in the picture, the picture album, the commercial flyer, etc.
Gravure printing paper: gravure printing paper white firm, has the good smoothness and water resistance, mainly used for printing money, stamp, and high quality requirements and not easily copied print.
White paper: white paper is a kind of fiber more uniform, the surface has the organization packing and compound composition and the surface coated with a layer of paint, after much roller press made light a paper, paper was quality high purity, has the more uniform ink absorbency, have better resistance to fold degrees, mainly for the commodity packing box, commodity table line, a miniature wall map.
Synthetic paper: synthetic paper is to use chemical raw materials such as olefin class add some additive is made and become, have the quality of a material soft railroad cars/containers, strong, water resistance, high resistance to light resistance to cold heat, and can resist the corrosion of the chemical substances and no environmental pollution, air permeability, widely used in high art, maps, the picture album, the high-grade periodicals of the printing.

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