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UV machine maintenance guide
A, the operating instructions:
Preparation: first turn ON the main control of total power supply switch ark, which in turn will water cooling, ice water pump, freezers compressor working switch play to "ON" file, if the corresponding indicator light, it is working properly. At the same time, the computer display to be automatic into the boot interface.
Switched on: printing job ready, monitor various states are working properly, such as temperature, drainage, water hydraulic conditions stop temperature; And the opening of the chimney detection. After showing normal, according to the actual situation of choice for open DengZu or in the UV ark operation board direct choice. The machine started, circulating water automatically open, at this point, the picture has been running water pump operation. Water after normal, UV lamp to be automatic heating, this time the UV machine has begun, ammeter pointer deflection; At the same time, computer automatic detection chimney is on.
Normal printing: UV machine start, according to the printing ink amount selected the UV lamp working state. Printing presses close after pressing, UV output power to be automatic adjustment as the machine set by the power.
Shutdown: printing complete, according to the stop button, right now the UV lamp close, cooling water continue to circulation, cooling 15 minutes or so, the pump and fan automatically shut off. Sure right now no longer printing UV products, shut off the main control which power chief switch, a complete set of UV system to stop working.
Second, maintenance and matters needing attention:
Tubes after a period of using, need to change (general provisions for 300 hours), in order to ensure that the UV curing stability of the ink. (tubes when problems arise, in "surveillance operation > picture of current instructions also reduced.)
Warning: when of recirculating cooling water problems, the machine has alarm at the same time, if alarm more than 20 seconds out < fault monitoring > not the fault of the picture, UV light automatically shut off, at this time, should stop check cooling system, wait for after troubleshooting to restart.
In a freezer tank of water level and water table (keep check every week two), do not add water in time, to ensure the normal water level. Water cooling water submerged in water tank copper tube for appropriate (round robin cold water should be using special cooling water).
For prolong lamp service life, save electricity, and ensure the safety in production, midway down (or from pressure) more than 20 minutes or more, the UV lamp should be closed.
To ensure the purity of cooling water, accumulate over a long period of dirt due to endanger circuit safety, should do it regularly dust removal (monthly at least aspiration, half a year a completely replace the circulating water once).
With gasoline car wash or wipe rubber cloth, plate, must be closed UV lamp, prevent what not to drop in gasoline high temperature of the UV chimney and endanger personal safety.
Yb surface reflection lamps or u.v. tubes of the pollution of the surface can lead to reflectance and focus on rate, the impact of the UV curing dry rate. Accordingly, want to often use alcohol or acetone careful scrubbing, ensure tubes, mirror surface cleaning.
Every two turnover class maintenance rules, must be cleaned chimney connector.
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