Useful Terms in Commercial Printing Industry
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Useful Terms in Commercial Printing Industry

Digital Printing - used for simple jobs that require quick preparation -it exploits digital imaging technologies and has expanded rapidly in the past 15 years.

Finishing - a process used after the initial printing sub-process has been completed.This sub-process includes folding, binding, drilling and collating.

Flexography Press - used to print more flexible materials including plastic or paper bags -it utilizes rubber plates with printed areas which generally have a raised relief.

Gravure Printing - a more costly, high-quality printing process using a contact between an etched copper plate and the printed paper itself.

Lithography - a process using oil and water which enables the ink to dry and produce a printed image.

Offset Lithography - a very widely used process which utilizes multiple printers on different materials. The advantage is less time used in the preparation stage.

Screen Printing - or silk screening, a process which directs ink through a covering screen. This is often used for products with differnt, non-even surfaces such as clothing.

Typesetting - this process uses pre-set words which are typeset and then used in a commercial printing press. Today, this process has mostly been digitized.

Web Printing process - a process used for high volume printing work and uses a continuous roll of paper. The advantage is a faster run time, once prepartion is complete.

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