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The world first commercial 3 D printers in Australia biological come out

An innovative Australia company Organov, Inc and is located in the Melbourne Invetech Pty Ltd company cooperation, developed the world's first commercial of 3 D biological printers, realize the medicine was a major breakthrough. And so the federal government recently won the Aus Industry issued by the engineering innovation.
The results of this research including the accurate control of the hand print head and a computer control laser calibration system, can according to need to print the human body organization 3 d graphics, help to biological organization restructuring and organ transplantation, for the national economy, and the research and development activity itself potential contribution was great. It's success shows the power of the innovation of human life and its real ability to influence.
In fact, engaged in biological tissue engineering engineers decades of efforts to surmount the simple cells to create 3 d structure of organs. They spent nine months time tackling key problems to solve engineering field new challenges, design, development, manufacturing and send the world's first commercial of 3 D printer creatures.
The federal innovation, industry and scientific research minister Kim Carl said, Australia the world level of scientific research and creative and wisdom of the company, the two will be an effective combination. The Australian government is better than ever to increase this advantage of investment, and drive innovation to ensure that Australia's long-term prosperity.

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