The international market for goods packaging new requirements
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The international market for goods packaging new requirements

The current international market competition of the commodity of the many factors, the quality, the price of packaging design, are the three main factors. A study abroad market sales of experts have said: "to market access roads, the packaging design is the most important one for the overall image. Packing the promoting function of advertising is no less." The international market for the packaging of goods is a general requirements to conform to the standards, 2 want to attract customers. The specific requirements have the following several aspects:
A, aesthetically striking. To make consumers from the packaging appearance on the characteristics of the products of his hand.
Second, printing concise. Packaging and printing try to be simple and clear. Those in the super market goods, because it is the customer from the shelves by his pick, so their packaging will draw people, let the customer from shelves can pay attention to when passing by it, want to put it off to see from the shelves.
Three, name to remember. Packaging product name, easy to read and understand to remember.
Four, reflect the credit. Packing should be fully embodies the credit of the products, make consumers through product packaging increases products to rely on.
Five, color and pleasing to the eye. In general, europeans like red and yellow. In the super market of high-grade goods, use more European fashion colour, namely quietly elegant or close to white color.
Six, a district logo. Packing product areas should sign or design, make the person is easy to recognize.
Seven, have the consciousness of environmental protection. International now universal attention of environmental protection work. Therefore the world about packing material of many new specific provision, the general trend is gradually paper and glass replace plastic, plastic materials. Such as Germany provisions of China's export to Germany food package corrugated cardboard box.

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