The three global printing ink industry profit growth point
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The three global printing ink industry profit growth point
At present, the global printing ink industry profit growth is concentrated in the packaging and printing inks, digital printing ink and the energy curing ink three areas.This is mainly due to the traditional publishing and market demand continues to decline, in the field of commercial printing ink face bigger pressure, especially European publishing and commercial printing ink market situation is not optimistic, little hope of recovery.Therefore, ink manufacturers have also aimed at packaging and printing inks, digital printing ink and the energy curing ink, intensify research and development, enhance innovation capacity, hope to raise their profit margins at the same time, also can greatly enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises.
There is no doubt that in recent years, packaging and printing market shows a tendency of growing all the time, and the development situation of the next few years will remain more optimistic than publishing market, because of this, almost all the big ink manufacturers are concentrating on the packaging and printing field, they think, even if the global economic development is slow, packaging and printing market also won't appear large fluctuations.Packaging and printing market is faced with some new changes and challenges, mainly includes: to reduce ink migration, small specifications trend of packaging, packaging materials can be recycled, and reduce the impact on the environment, etc.In fact, these challenges to the ink manufacturers also bring new market opportunity, if you can provide for the customer in accordance with the future development trend of new type of ink products, can get more room to grow.
At the same time, with the rapid development of digital printing, digital printing ink has become one of the important research direction in the global printing ink industry.Especially the ink-jet printing ink, many more ink manufacturers focus.
A comparison of the energy curing ink field is LED - UV ink.- in the past few years, LED UV curing technology has been gradually maturing, the market of LED - number of UV ink manufacturers and product type are also growing.At present, the LED - UV curing technology in the field of digital printing has gained a higher acceptance, is extending flexo and screen printing, offset printing field next will gradually adopt the technology.
For printing ink manufacturers, if they could be the business covers multiple market segments, especially pay attention to packaging and printing, inkjet printing and UV printing field, relying on technological advantages to provide the printing enterprise in the field of products and services, will be able to get a better development.
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