The printing revenue $2013 in 78 billion
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The printing revenue $2013 in 78 billion
IBISWord statistical data show that the existing printing enterprises 23967, employees 404977 people.In 2013, the United States printing revenue was $78 billion, the average annual compound growth rate of 3.7% over the past five years.
As consumers to online media and other digital media more favour, the printing industry in the past five years has experienced the longest winter.At the same time, print sales decline and the unit price of printing down also eat into the profits of most of the printing enterprise.
According to the American association of printing industry, according to data released most of the commercial printing plant in the U.S. are private, the average annual income less than $35 million.The United States has more than 70% of the printing enterprise employees are less than 10 people.With 1 ~ 19 employees of printing enterprise printing contribute about 12.0% of the total, to the United States and to the United States has more than 100 employees of printing enterprise printing revenue contribution is 62.0%.Income in the top four of the printing enterprise revenue accounted for nearly 20.0% of the whole industry revenue.Us printing, large and medium-sized printing enterprise, therefore, is the main contributor.
From the point of the present situation, the United States printing still does not have the too big improvement in the next five years, just drop in speed will be slow.To adapt to market changes, to win more vitality, printing enterprise must carry out diversification, to integrate across media products and their business chain.
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