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The sustainable green printing development well in North America
With green environmental protection has become a kind of fashion, the printing industry of the sustainable development of the green claims and enterprise operation also have sprung up. But not all environmental policies to achieve the ideal effect, in the complex market environment, the enterprise also seems to be difficult to find a suitable strategic partners to help them achieve sustainable development.
In order to eliminate these the confusion of the enterprise, the industry leader in the environmental protection organization Canopy (Canopy) has issued a "green printing leadership report, aims to help companies find accord with the requirements of the sustainable development of the printing service provider. Canopy organization of the report provides an introduction to the field of commercial printing commonly used method of sustainable development, and also introduces some will help printing enterprise in the fierce market competition of tips.
Forest protection measures
It is widely believed that "the medium is the message", and for those who have done better on the green environmental protection enterprises, the paper is a very important medium. Enterprise brand printing plant, therefore, not only to serve the environmental footprint of a significant impact, but also can help the sustainable development goal.
At present, the canopy is helping more than 700 large enterprises to improve their environmental performance, and clearly north American printing enterprise for the success of the work plays an important role. In addition, because a lot of printing enterprise focus is different, so it's hard to pick out the best that one. However, in order to help his partner, canopy group also found some leading printing on green environmental protection enterprises. Because in the carbon footprint of printing enterprise, there are 50% ~ 80% from its use of paper, so they pay special attention to the environmental protection in the report the use of paper and forest protection.
The green printing leadership report summarizes some methods will help printing enterprise to protect endangered forests, rather than to any form of rankings. A total of 36 printing enterprise involved in the investigation, including three on the north American sales list of the top five companies, they respectively when nally, cape graphic and transcontinental printing company.
Will help printing enterprise to protect the forest measures mainly include: the more powerful the paper procurement policy, key protected ancient and endangered forests; Actively encourage suppliers and canopy environmental groups to promote forest protection; Set the paper recycling and using environmental protection paper targets and time frames; Support innovative solutions, such as using paper made of straw, not made of wood paper; Detailed their own sustainable development plans and measures.
Five ways to reduce carbon emissions
While 94% of respondents said they had the sustainable development of appropriate policies, but less than half the people will be released these policies to their own company's website. Everywhere in a world filled with green claim, a brand must have the ability to check the print service provider's sustainable development policy, to ensure its sustainable development goal in line with their own. Everything in the development and changes, while the environmental policies should also be kept advancing with The Times, in the process of establishing and solicit opinions of the independent environmental protection organization, to ensure that it and enterprises is beneficial to the environment.
Other highlights include in the report: 70% of respondents said they tend to use by the FSC certification of paper; 61% of companies to develop the forest protection policies; 52% of respondents support use with low toxicity cleaner bleaching of paper; 79% of respondents can provide 100% recycled paper; 91% of respondents can teach customers aware of the benefits of using recycled paper.
Have the brand of leadership have the opportunity to influence and support their print service providers in the sustainable development of environment aspects to make greater progress. Every printing materials, an enterprise is a propaganda of the brand, also can promote its to greener and more responsible printing practice development.
To become a leader in sustainable development, the enterprise can through the following five ways to reduce the carbon paper, promote the green printing, protection of forest resources: encourage printing service providers with the help of the canopy and other nonprofit environmental organization to develop or upgrade their own environmental policy; To ensure that the print service providers carbon footprint to reach its commitment to the environmental protection requirements, at the same time avoid the use of paper made of wood from the forest of the protected; Suggested that the print service providers use 100% recyclable paper or toilet paper, and let the customer know to use these paper environmental and commercial benefits; Suggest printing service provider to open their own environmental policy and sustainable development goals on a regular basis; For printing service provider organizations involved in canopy green leadership annual survey, each other and share their successful experience, promote green printing continuous development. (Gold Printing Group)
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