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Momentum of the UV inkjet printing, output value will reach 15.9 billion in five years
According to the world famous pine latest market research company, according to a report at present global UV inkjet printing is showing strong growth momentum. Predicts 2018, UV inkjet printing technology application market output value up to $15.9 billion, 18.3%. Instantaneous solidifying, the use of low energy consumption, low pollution and good printing eligibility, and many other advantages to make the technology has been applied to many fields.
UV inkjet printing technology has been successfully applied to include signs, labels, commercial printing, anti-counterfeiting printing and packaging printing and so on, the majority of areas, at the same time in the canvas, promotional items, decorative and industrial production have different levels of use. Among them, the label and packaging is the fastest growing sectors, anti-counterfeiting printing and sign in the last, but still has a strong prospect of market.
In the next five years, including overprint, label printing quantity will rise sharply. As metal ink began in the further promotion of digital label market applications, this will bring the UV inkjet technology better in the future development has brought the new opportunity.
Equipment suppliers, meanwhile, are trying to play to the role of the ink jet head, pushing equipment more broad range of substrates, UV glazing, Numbers, indentation, braille printing became the latest to expand the market. In addition, the market there is a corresponding character printing and decoration system applied in packaging production, use it as a recognition component or one of the production of related products.
Report also shows that Western Europe in 2013 UV inkjet printing production around $2.4 billion, is expected to be in five years in 2018 to 13.6% annual compound growth rate continues to grow. Britain will become the most rapid growth in the region, followed by Germany and France. In addition, UV inkjet printing technology has advantages such as environmental protection areas of North America printing enterprise also began to application generally, predicts will grow by 16.2% in 2018. (Gold Printing Group)
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