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The rise of "cultural industry of shenzhen futian specimen"

May 13 to 16, by several national ministry, the government of guangdong province and shenzhen government jointly hold the 7th international cultural industry expo was held in shenzhen grand. Futian district six at the venue during the cultural feast with its outstanding achievements in wide concern.

For many years, futian district has implemented headquarters economy and modern service industry "double driver" development strategy, the cultural industry to the unique mode has achieved great development, become "demeanor, happy" the important anchor, futian shenzhen more become one of the important cultural industry development specimen "."

Data shows, 2010, futian district culture industry operating income 537 billion yuan, up 11%, 114.5 billion yuan, added value, higher than the increase of 13.5 percent during the same period, the growing rate of GDP value of GDP is 6.3%.

Futian district will culture called the WuXu the total by means of "industrial specimen" incorporated, explores a set of "cultural + technology, culture + market, cultural + brand, cultural + headquarters" development pattern, not only breached this traditional industry development bottleneck, this industry more will inject new connotation, make developed into a set communal and rapid development of the high-end service industry.

The stars shine bright superiority

In this ", "the superiority of the futian district face design field are creative industry park, shenzhen culture creativity garden (former century handicraft culture square, ya chang art galleries, shenzhen book city center city, China tea house and music and life luxuriants growth" advocate "center city 6 at the venue, original cartoon, creative industries, news publications and book printing, handicraft deals and culture industry professional market creative repeat of pledges that makes a person dazzling, because of its distinctive characteristics of exhibition bright shining the whole superiority.

May 10, shenzhen culture creativity garden, boisterous captivating ambience. Through the "building, industrial replacement" and into shenzhen culture creativity garden phase and park first inaugural ceremony held here enterprises, specializing in precious metals culture creativity r&d, production and sales of gold is a cultural and artistic ceramic specializing in r&d and manufacturing of the Great Wall family (listed company Great Wall group in southern China in flagship) also held at the same time opening ceremony, shenzhen culture creativity garden added one scene.

Tian face design are creative industry park, with "two design are dialogue and brand design business years show" as the theme realize shenzhen and Seoul, South Korea, two by UNESCO identified as "design it all", the first dialogue through "BBS + exhibition + docking" form, display design characteristics of two countries, design of international cooperation in space exploration and mode.

Committee launched "and museum at the venue in the art of Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism spirit" series painting exhibition attracted many art lovers, through the eyes of plenties of calligraphy and painting color elegant with Chinese traditional art form contains profound philosophical essence, the paper explain "art and life", "art and philosophy" complementary relationship. This exhibition is elected the representative of the Taoist toward yuan meaning as research, reference picture of examples of yuan dynasty paintings, let people savour 700 years ago that era of culture; "Sea WuChangShuo and maritime school ink Lin exhibition", "famous junfolding photography exhibition space for shenzhen civic activities such as" brought a rare visual experience.

In shenzhen book city center city at the venue, a thematic publications exhibition, creative art show, "cultural + technology" display experience the characteristic such as cultural activities more local citizen staged a cultural feast. In "culture creativity, the quality of life" theme publications in trading activity center, shows joint mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and bookstores will excellent publishers, and overseas exhibition manual gout DIY, design culture and other categories of 1000 kinds of books. In addition, international quilts culture art activities will showcase the United States, France, quilts, and related works exhibited 5000 pieces with professional quilt tool, the material, books, and so on, let the nearly thousand exhibits citizens can further quilt this international popular feeling of classic aestheticism fashion.

Duration of the founding of the Chinese communist party in the 1990s, China tea house solemnity venue also hosted a "red mood, hong mei competing colourful" 100 mei exhibition, the exhibition WangWenYu creation by famous painter, ZhangZhen, ZhangWanNian, liu ChiHaoTian etc 100 senior generals and results of SunJiFeng shenpeng, zhang hai, and QinLingYun etc, for the 100 million works by artists sign. The Chinese tea ceremony BBS, 2,124 performances, the tea kettle high-quality goods exhibition activities such as the name, show the profound tea tea, beauty and comprehensive upgrade of the Chinese tea house in the position of domain of tea culture.

Music and life luxuriants growth "advocate" center city, as a new bid for the venue of the futian district, also elaborate held Chinese ancient Chinese music appreciation award bian-zhong, people can see the warring states period genuine cultural relic bells

Static exhibition. Known as "the Chinese music totem," said the bells, with 27 years of history. "Oriental music towards the world famous BBS, 2011," global acoustics product exhibition, chaoshan music festival, held every day activities such as free music XinShangHui 20 games, held at the same time "let music rooted community" "send music activities such as door". The activity at the site, let a person be lingering linger over.

The "futian district superiority" exhibition creative design class, new media service class, film and TV acting class, high-end handicraft, publishing and distribution and other classes and other areas of thirty-five of high-end cultural enterprises with different window, exhibitors, fully show with "creative design" futian district for special culture industry multi-point flowering flourishing.

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