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Digital printing market the next two big demand

"Everything can digital will digital, printing is no exception."

This is a widely circulated words in printing industry and expressed the future of digital printing is future. So the original traditional printing enterprise how to transition, how to survive even development? Both printing market in this case will be how to changing needs? Recently, the author interviewed America this whole Asia Pacific EFI limited company vice President felipe calderon ze meters rui people.

What is printing two big demand

What is the two big future printing market demand? Namely traditional printing enterprise to the digital transition demand, variable data printing needs. Rui people · card ze meters answered, traditional printing enterprises, faced with a huge number of the future development of digital and also in the digital transition for positive way, so in the future for a period of time this kind of technology and product demand will showed a trend. This digital transformation before printing, printing, covering the whole process and print the whole process of the unified process, such as link up before printing plate making CTP printing process of generalization, establishing digital process and various process parameters are controlled, post-press automation etc. Rui people · card ze meters introduces, at present China printing market digital transformation more focused on prepress part, with some large books the printing, commercial printing houses, and large plate-making companies and press output center for transformation representatives.

In addition, what is variable data printing? Cite a close to everyone's example, each credit card bill expires in consumer, will receive personalized bill with consumers, including names and specific spending time, consumer information credit card use information. For every month for Banks this kind of customer information need to print hundreds of thousands of copies. This mass printing is every letter of the content of different printing mode is variable data printing, also known as personalized printing mode. At present, the application not only used for printing envelopes and mail, our future will be widely used in the electronic supervision code bar code, and has a huge database of enterprise in the information transmission based on customer undertake personalized when all need to join variable data information.

Short version into two big demand incentive

As is known to all, the above two big demand caused the incentive is printing market of short edition tendency. Rui people · card ze meters said, international single pen dropped, short edition in printing market formidable (strong type powerful atlas powerful second-hand equipment) hitting the traditional YinYe, current and euramerican developed countries, such as printing enterprise is moving towards a high efficiency, high performance, high automation to control the direction of development, low cost to ensure that their profit margins, these countries printing enterprise in unit time printing operations more homework, each more small, customer for printing variable data and each assignment conversion between requirements are higher.

Meanwhile, short edition also makes the transition of the printing enterprise accept diversification and personalized requirements are printing, so to traditional printing enterprises has brought new challenges. When a traditional printing enterprises meet operational environment, if more than previous artificially row or single way of working, this will need very much artificially to do work, so the traditional print goes to the digital transition ten-thousand-enterprise is imperative. And this short edition also contributed to a trend of customers for variable data and each assignment conversion between demand higher digital printing, and to a certain extent is very suitable for this homework form of.

Automation process helps to short version of homework

Rui people · card ze meters said, automation work flow can help enterprise from the beginning of the input to the final output completion of the entire process do not need artificial participation. These internal resources and digital process can help imprint enterprises realize high efficient, low cost of the printing operations. This time, the enterprise in the face of many small homework time can not using artificially but relied on digital for each assignment conversion between, thereby greatly reduce the time and labor costs, and reduce labor ShiWuLv.

In addition, rui people · card ze meters said, automation process not only improved the production ability, also the increased a lot of multi-purpose gender, such as more variable data, more folder, all kinds of different output devices and options for printing mode. These various solutions from many can help imprint enterprises improve end users to enterprise's satisfaction.

Rui people · card ze meters also says, in fact, whether for printing enterprise for digital transformation or in variable data technology alone is not the investment money problems, market of end user increasingly prefer and have scale, quality and business stability of large-scale printing enterprise cooperation, and automation degree also have concerns enterprise an important symbol of strength.

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