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The printing industry association the printing market outlook for the future
On December 18, the federal reserve released the following statement: according to the latest statistics show that the pace of economic activity in the United States are mild expansion.The Labour market conditions has been further improved, the unemployment rate fell, but still remain high.Household spending and business fixed investment growth, however, housing sales recovery has slowed in recent months.Fiscal policy inhibits growth, but the degree of inhibition may be reduced.
Based on these fundamentals to improve, the fed's decision in January next year will be a month to buy debt from $85 billion to $85 billion, said in a statement at the same time if the economy progress in line with expectations will be further austerity measures in the subsequent meeting, the fed chairman Ben bernanke also said in the subsequent press conference, the fed's exit will be conducted at the rate of $10 billion each.Market initial reaction to the news is the dow Jones industrial average rose 1.84% on December 18, this is a very positive signal, America's economy is gradually stable.
The American association of printing industry then according to the fed's statement released on the outlook for America's future printing: we did not change our printing forecast economic growth of America (2014 2.3%) and printing shipments forecast no growth (2014), but the positive development of the economy that we tend to think printing industry and economic growth in 2014 May exceed 2.3%, and printing shipments may be a weak increase to 1%.
America's economic outlook shows that in 2014 and printing industry is relatively modest growth in 2015.Our view is that bad slightly more than good, can achieve about 2.3% growth in 2014, 2.5% growth in 2015;Printing shipments will reach $161 billion in 2014, will reach $159.9 billion in 2015.
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