Eight new technology leading the deep green paper
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Eight new technology leading the deep green paper
Recently, the European paper industry federation (CEPI) in Brussels "European paper week" on sustainable development report released the latest industry.Report shows that European paper mills a consensus in the sustainable development concept, focus on innovation and improve the utilization ratio of resources and promote the biomass economy.
European paper and paper board production accounts for a quarter of global production, staff 185000 people, 520 companies, annual income of 75 billion euros.European pulp paper industry has risen from energy-intensive industries find the breakthrough technology can make Europe more competitive.
The European federation of papermaking industry in Brussels the European paper to be published eight weeks breakthrough technology, said the breakthrough technology can completely change the European pulp paper industry, environmental protection and energy strategy in Europe play a key role.These technologies can make the European pulp paper industry more competitive.Each technology can provide the opportunity to create value, reduce costs and improve profit margins, fundamentally change the operating level of the industry, large-scale decarburization.Industry association called on relevant departments should be eight breakthrough technology as the core of the climate and energy package in 2030.
In the race for a year, by scientists, businesses, suppliers and two teams to carry out the work of outsiders, find will help enterprise to achieve its goal of feasible path.Commissioner for climate action Connie hurd lagarde "eutectic solvent" with technology from the eight finalists.
"Eutectic solvent" technology is a new kind of technology, under the low temperature, biomass can be broken down into components can be used in the paper.If paper on a large scale using this technique, can fundamentally change the pulp, paper and cardboard production all over the world, and replace the current production process of some part of high energy consumption.
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