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The picture album prints several problems caused by dry

1. The picture album after printing color printing on FaXu false or not
In India full version of light color, the color printing after not FaXu or not true, this may be because of dry oil add put excessive or semi-finished products stacking time is too long, ink layer surface smooth film of form glass lost caused by adsorption. The gold and silver ink dieyin the common printing ink, not only require common ink a low viscosity, but also for its solid to fast, can appear otherwise FaXu not real phenomenon.
2. Mix color, wool, and skinning
Multiple color picture album printing, color and color after the interval before time is short, usually in the "wet pressure wet" means. When the viscosity of the ink color after more than before the ink color viscosity, will take the top off a the color layer, if use of paper is bad, will be wool skinning phenomenon. Online glazing, viscosity of large water light oil make aluminum foil paper just printed on the imprinting to large area of spalling.
3. Scratches on the back and stuck dirty
Aluminum foil paper printing, appeared in the paper receiver drag a part of the bruises are usually small and not for paper caused by flat. But other bruises are mostly for printing quality do not completely dry is caused by the movement. Print on the back of dirty mainly because paper sticking surface too smooth, printing ink, paper, moisture content is too large, or because printing accumulation overmuch, is not easy to get oxygen from the air..
4. The other problem by dry
(1) the spray powder too much
If after printing water to polish, powder spraying too much will make the rough surface designed not light, still can make print coated in when hair flower, hot stamping foil very hot.
(2) overprint no
With hot, infrared dried transfer, in the second overprint, are usually unable to realize accurate over-print.
(3) the picture album printing hue changes
Whether the red dry oil or white dry oil, will be more or less influence printing ink original hue, at sampling or printing quality products to consider it.

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