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The picture album printing all kinds of anti-counterfeiting special technology

A, paper, security
The paper is the material basis of printing all kinds of securities, some with special craft manufacture of special paper is basically has security characteristics, in the traditional Chinese special paper of the anti-counterfeiting technology mainly has:
1. ShuiYinZhi
ShuiYinZhi in manufacturing process, can use technology to desired identification, such as design of the paper do, these design common situation hard to see, only to strong light can see, the world security experts considered to be a effective anti-counterfeiting technology, most of the state money, important international document, drawings and all kinds of facilities and all ShuiYinZhi ticket with printing. The watermark in the money is in the paper by outside, in other tickets in the paper have also been widely used. In the paper the position of the watermark is fixed, not fixed and half fixed several. It in the manufacturing process of the fusion design, mould, the nets, carved the and so on in the complex process, so often makes the fraud ZuoWeiZhe stranded. YanKan watermark is also identify the most effective means of true and false.
2. Safety
Safety is to point to in paper making process will be a gold line or plastic line on paper the middle. Safety of the earliest use is special gold line, now use plastic line and has developed into a varied, such as tiny letters security lines, fluorescence security lines, etc. The shape of the line is straight line, wave, serrated, etc.
3. Red blue QianWeiSi or color points
In the paper the process will be red blue fiber or color small pieces (point) mixed with in the pulp, or in the paper and paper not prior to the surface in, uv rays have fluorescence reflection. Red blue QianWeiSi and color points in a fixed position in the paper and not fixed position two kinds.
4. The copy paper
This paper copy, can appear "copy" and "void" the inscription, which can effectively prevent color copies of important documents. Another kind of full absorption type and copy its appearance is blue or palm red, paper only through light to be able to see pictures, a copy of the dark.
5. No fluorescence special paper
General paper in the ultraviolet illuminate have shown a fluorescent. So ChaoZhi seal and some securities or notes, the use of special paper without fluorescence security. As countries notes, passport and some negotiable instruments were not paper-based fluorescence, so also more likely to show AnJi additional fluorescent graphic.
Second, the picture album printing technology
For example of how color printing, printing multicolor string string color printing or also called rainbow printing, generally use more toppan printing printing machine, it is designed according to the requirements, at the trough placed after partition, again in different in every version of the ink respectively in hue. In the string of ink roll with a string of action, make the adjacent parts of the ink mixed after the spread to the plate. Use this printing process, can a printed on a variety of colour, and intermediate intermediate downy. Because it's hard to see from the printing ink tank placed partition distance, so also can have certain security role. If in large areas of the background on this process by printing, its security role will be more outstanding.
Three, security printing ink
1. Fluorescent uv ink
Under uv irradiation, can send a visible specialty ink.
2. Sunlight inspire change color security printing ink
In the sun, can send a visible security printing ink. Also the effect, can from colorless turned purple, blue, yellow wait for color, also can design for from nonferrous to colorless changes.
3. Thermal security printing ink (also called thermochromism security printing ink)
In the heat function, also the effect of printing ink can occur. According to the different temperature for color, can be divided into the hands of anti-counterfeiting ink color temperature and high temperature change color security printing ink. According to the way of color differences, and can be divided into the single color reversible, more and more become angry irreversible discoloration irreversible thermal security printing ink.
4. Reaction color printing ink
Add in all kinds of the chemicals in the printing ink, under certain conditions, can produce all sorts of chemical reaction, so that the ink change color, the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Thermal security printing ink is part of the discoloration of pressure sensitive printing ink, the wet sensitive color all belong to change color printing ink.
5. Magnetic inks
Is the magnetic ferric oxide powder by belt into the printing ink made of special printing ink, the present stage mainly used for printing bank certificates of magnetic code words and symbols, have the effect of record and store information. With magnetic coding will ticket into magnetic code can identify with implement in the false.
6. In addition to alter the printing ink
If in the corresponding parts of the altered, can appear a password. The ink is mainly used for printing checks, drafts and documents such securities, if someone in the draft amount to alter or eliminate digital on original digital, would immediately appear "void" the words.
Four, bar code anti-counterfeiting technology
Commodity bar code is a kind of commodity code, is human to computer commodities such as effective management and design. If we can reasonably use the commodity technology, including a reasonable choice of carrier bar code, a reasonable choice of printing method and printing machine, a reasonable choice of printing position and so on, it is may make the goods bar code technology has security role.
Two dimensional barcode because more information, through the computer inkjet printers and the processing, has the very strong graphs. And check the application of manasseh, through a formula computing, in serial Numbers followed a specific number of, also can have security role.
Five, the code and telephone anti-counterfeit marking identification system
Code anti-counterfeiting mark and telephone and recognition system is through each product in the setting on a random password, will be the net all products are all record purpose in ZhongXinKu anti-fake data, let consumers that use phones, computers, to check the password is correct or not tools to identify products authenticity. The anti-counterfeiting technology implementation in the same physical, achieve the purpose of the high security.

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