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Mainstream printing mode daqo

Along with the development of high-tech and people to print the needs of high quality packaging, packaging industry in recent years in the technical innovation. Many colors offset printing presses, the flat screen printing machine, printing machine and so on many kinds of planar printing equipment with each other. A variety of printing process the mutual infiltration, make the printing products more unpredictable, rich and colorful.
1. The offset printing, screen printing and printing combination
High grade packing print design with large areas of color piece, multicolor sequence of the continuous and complex line, decorative pattern design, a single printing bring some difficulty. If the offset printing, screen printing and printing is that combination is better. Net printing is characteristic of the process of thick and even, the best printing area of the field color piece, the characteristics of the offset printing presses printing pressure is flat, the most suitable for printing the mesh of four color harmonic complex part lines. Such foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and its function is very clear. Some requirements for high and complex prints, still can use offset printing, embossed, screen printing, printing process to the combination. In short, the printing process is more complex, the more difficult the printing, anti-counterfeiting the better.
2. Transition color printing
Transition color printing also called string of color printing, screen printing and according to the requirements by may, in the plate of the ink pour hue, in blow board under the function of mixed so that some of the ink again after printing in the thing on printing. It can be one-time printed on a variety of colour, and intermediate intermediate layer soft, can play the security role. If in large on the background with this process, its security role will become more prominent.
3. Special luster security printing
Special gloss printing packaging and printing industry in recent years is more popular new printing technology. Special burnish is refers to using this technology of printing printing, its surface gloss effect is different from the general printing ink or paper reflects the gloss effect. Printing process mainly includes: metal gloss printing, printing, printing, refractive index pearl fluorescent printing, variable luster printing, printing and laser holographic iris crystals gloss printing, fake metal etch printing and inferior smooth printing, etc. These special gloss printing process characteristic is printed packaging colorful, resplendent and magnificent, time excessive colour and unpredictable, not only increased to commodity grades, increased the added value of the goods, the rich diversity of packaging products, and has some particularity and confidentiality, and therefore has a safe security role, more than most of the current process net edition printing process.
4. Laser holographic iris printing
Laser holographic laser printing is iris holographic photography means, in shock chamber produce template, through some transfer to a carrier pressure, in 45 ° light source products under the irradiation, can produce colorful and seven of the unique shape effect and stereo feeling extremely strong 3 d images, deeply consumer's favor. At present the coldpressing besmear plating and printing film direct hot stamping two craft printing. Its technology is more complex, difficult, anti-counterfeiting excellent results.

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