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We started the new field for printing summarizes some cost saving tips. Especially in an economic crisis, these tips will be more important.
Today, we discuss the problem of the paper, you know paper accounted for a living thing is a third printing even half the cost? For reasonable selection of paper and paper size on a living thing about the meaning of is very important to you. Let's get to learn it below.
1, insist to use size is 8 1/2 x 11 inches-a multiple of paper, this is a standard size, if deviated from the size, you need to live a pay more expenses.
2, use printing factory had some paper. Enterprise usually will be in his factory store concentrated some commonly used paper, and choose their existing paper would be for you to save a lot of time and cost.
3, reduce the weight in grams of paper. Paper is heavier means that the higher the price.
4, narrow cutting size-even if only narrow 1/4 inch, are likely to some live the total cost of a significant impression. When in doubt the can to your inquiry.
5, live a merger. Through the plan ahead, you can be in the same paper printing more live thing.
Six, only printing of what he needs and reduce waste.
7, choose the digital printing. Digital printing can accurately printing out you want--even a number only. Today's most of the printing factories have digital printing equipment or with another digital printing enterprise can have the cooperation relations.
8, reduce the number of pages.
9, all on the web's message transfer to the web.
10, avoid bleeding. If you want to keep bleeding, enterprise should put ink mark to the page, and then the printed edge cutting off part, so it will be spent more cost.
11, change a slightly lower quality of paper.
12, to the enterprise to use a more than you want more low level of paper printing the tear sheets, and their printing effect of comparison.
13: if you use 1 paper instead of top class paper, so probably can save 12% of the costs; If use 2 paper instead of top class paper, that you can save 24% of the costs.
14, and about the price of the inflection point, you buy of the paper, the price should get cheaper.
15, don't too picky, first to printers to find out they are using what kind of paper. If you also choose this kind of paper, can save a lot of homework preparation time, so as to realize the cost savings.
16, and know that open folding cartons will waste your cost. If you need to use a special paper, even if there are fewer printing, the printing shop for your live also have a open up a whole box of papers. This way you will pay for the extra expenses, because enterprise specially for you to buy the whole case of special paper.
When you start to plan their own living thing, be sure to communicate more with printers, let them for you to provide the reasonable paper choose Suggestions. Please keep an open mind, the authentication listen to the opinions of the enterprise. Only cooperate fully, you can create a perfect works.

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