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Book printing knowledge:Single page.Album.Envelope.Box.Tag

According to the printing needs (such as number) as well as machine printing equipment limitations 8K, 4K machine, the boot, the whole sheet machines are different, we have to make-up when the actual situation of different adjustments, general enough to fight 8K or 4K used, because off the presses and full sun can set, to fight the sun, and turn around or through the pros and cons from India to resolve.
(Specifically how to row method, I will elaborate in the back.)
● single-page form printed
Make-up at the middle (vertical center line) splicing part of the left 6 mm bleeding edge, that every single page edges are left 3mm bleeding (need to cut twice).
Note: If you do not print pictures of bleeding, shading, or entirely the same color shading, etc., can be a way to make-up, the middle knife can be.
● covers the make-up
General production, we used the envelope together with the “tongue” to fight together, this is a more cost of paper (with a blank not to use), but the pattern of good continuity.
Another method is to cover return cover, “tongue” to do alone, so do save paper, but more a “paste jobs”, that is, when the finished product more than a plastic scraper (or posted a double-sided tape).
● box make-up
General big box (more than 8K of) without make-up, the sun sets directly on it.
Following a brief small package make-up.
And opened as far as possible under the premise of the make-up work to achieve the most compact, but the packaging process involves more after the road, rolling box (cut out the edge of the crease line and pressure) is the most critical time when the need to pay attention to make-up Two recent edge spacing of not less than 3mm, or do will be very troublesome when the die cutter, so that affect product quality.
After you complete the make-up (by the customer agrees to sign like), preferably out a large knife version of the original film, made for easy cutting die.
● tag type cards and stickers, etc.
Very annoying thing. However, no difficulty, be careful, calculate the size. Into three categories:
(1) across the board (no bleeding), and the card is similar to the overall needs of the outermost edge of the bleeding;
(2) two knife (including bleeding :0.3-0 .5 CM can be.)
(3) rolling box, punch, round (needed to be placed die cutter, spelled with 2)
(4) Blending class, in proportion to the number required in the case, and opened pages can be mixed within a fight (to see the actual situation).
● 8P one needs to see one or 16P, 8P a general’s often the way with perfect binding, 16P is often a line lock set installed (large pictures).
Pictures, books, the P number are generally a multiple of 4, so we do kind of folding is often just do a (mostly attached) to two (special paste) is sufficient. Have seen an advertising company to do an album of more than 100 P, with a lot of A4 paper, all the pages are folded out, it is a waste, no need.
In the normal folding, remember that no matter how you fold the bottom right corner of the first page.

book printing Binding
● general points saddle stitching, flat set, sewing Binding, Perfect Binding.
The most common magazines are used saddle; bindings classes, classes are loaded flat wire set; lock line perfect binder commonly used in large-scale album, solid but slow binding; perfect binder commonly used in high-grade small-scale pictures, the book is too thick Folds easily unglued several times after

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