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Album and book printing

On the album printing,book printing, do you know it. Here we describe the book printing to print the exchange of knowledge, better understanding of the printing profession.

Album, book printing, including: a printing press printing and no pressure.

A non-contact printing

This is a no-pressure based on a printing technology, which is also known as non-pressure printing. No pressure not to use traditional printing plates, but in the computer under the control of the use of heat, static electricity, magnetic or ink-jet technology, toner or ink drops sent to the substrate surface; or coloring to make a special paper to form a clear graphic. Non-contact printing operation is stable and reliable, no noise, equipment, light, fast, easy operation, high efficiency, wide application, and therefore suitable for copying in the office environment and for the hard copy output of information network systems, providing a smaller number of a variety of documents and information. No pressure, including laser printing (electrostatic) printing, inkjet printing, thermal printing and magnetic printing. The current widely used pressure-free way to laser printing (electrostatic) printing and inkjet printing.

Second, exposure to stamping-type printing

This is a pressure-based, using plates or other means of graphic information on the original transfer to the substrate of a printing technique. Contact printing is the traditional stamping-type printing. The use of ink or colored pigments, with printing machinery shaft equipment, paper or other surfaces in the reproduction of images and text. Contact embossed type printing process typically includes the original printing, film, plates, substrates, inks, printing machinery and other five elements. According to the plate in the form of points, including letterpress, gravure, offset, hole printing four categories. Divided by the printing process, and atmosphere of direct and indirect printing printing different.

Applications there are different categories were also used. Usually divided into domestic press printing, publishing and printing (including books printing and magazines printing ), packaging printing, security printing, stationery printing and printing parts.



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