The modern printing machine components
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The modern printing machine components

Modern printing machine general by plate, besmear ink, stamping, lose paper institutions. It will work in the first printed words and images of plate is made, packed in printing machines, and then by artificial or printer ink coating on the plate on the text and graphics place, again, directly or indirectly, to transfer printing paper or other things, thus reproduce and plate of the same print.
According to the plate printer into toppan forms, lithography, intaglio printing and hole; According to the plate and pressure seal structure is divided into flat press flat type, round flatten type and round pressure round type printing machine.
Is the oldest toppan printing presses the printing machine, plate surface of the part and it raised, blank parts under the concave. The machine to work, is coated with ink of cots rolled plate surface, protruding part and then with a layer of uniform ink layer, concave part of the blank with ink. The transfer of the pressure institutions to print ink surface, to get clear print, copy the needed print.
Toppan printing machine main are plain planish, round and round round pressure pressure three type. Pressed flat printer and flat crush says toppan printing machine. It's version of a device plate and stamping institutions are flat, work, and the pressure plate printing plate full contact, a time machine to total pressure, relative embossed on the time is long. The printing press requirements and stamping flat flat plate, printing is wide; Round flatten printing machine and say platform toppan printing machine, it sets the version for printing device is flat, and stamping institution is for circular cylinder. The machine to work, version a reciprocating motion, the printing speed by certain limits, the output is not high, Round and round toppan printing press pressure says cycle printing machine, printing machine the version it device and stamping institutions are all round drum. The machine to work, stamping roller with printed materials movement, and the printing plate cylinder contact with each other. Pressure seal roller printing plate cylinder and continuous spinning, the higher productivity.
Offset printing machine on the surface of the plate and part and blank portion is almost the same plane. It use of water, the oil of reactive principle, the graphic part of water close oil, blank portion of oil close water and not touch printing ink, in the role of the pressure of the transfer to ink inker print surface, thus completing the printing process.
By adopting indirect printing method after, offset printing machine development is rapid, variety is more, such as office with miniature offset printing machine, large, multiple color, high speed ignorance of the offset printing magazines offset presses, with which the paper or drum paper, single or double seal of the seal of the offset printing machine. Among them the monochromatic offset printing press and drum printing paper are representative. Offset printing machine has been widely used electronic computer control device, technology is advanced. Plate-making equipment also development using separation of electronic machines, and widely used pre-applied photographic version.
The main characteristic of gravure printing plate is the graphic part under the concave and convex blank Spaces, and the layout structure toppan printing machine on the contrary. The machine in Indian monochrome, first the plate in ink roll leaching tank, the whole plate surface and covered with ink layer. Then, the plate surface of the part of the ink layer belongs to blank scrape, raised portion form the blank, and part is recessed fill ink, the deeper recession where the ink layer thickness. The machine through the pressure of the role of ink transferred to the recessed on printed materials, which can get the print.
Seal is used when multiple color overprint method or indirect local besmear ink presentation, to make all kinds of color of the ink according to need, distribution of the surface of the relevant part of the plate, printing multicolor printing and printing of the basic principle of the same monochromatic. Gravure printing plate used to basically have two kinds, one kind is photographic gravure, namely YingXie version; The other is DiaoKeBan. DiaoKeBan carving a manual sculpture, mechanical sculpture and electronic engraving method.
Silk printing machine belong to hole printing more in the representative of the printing equipment, it is a plate is made of pure silk woven materials such as the crisscross, warp and weft clear the screen. The production of a plane has, curved surface, forming, printing, dyeing, printing circuit and the new rotary and so on many kinds of silk printing machine. Among them, the new rotary speed and silk printing machine productivity is higher its characteristic is will screen installation in the roller, printing ink poured on roller inside. The machine work roller rotation, and rubber scraping ink fast printing design a knife to print.
Making the material in addition to the silk screen, still can use gold, copper wire, wire or stainless steel wire, etc. Silk printing machine application hole printing principle of ancient originated in the template printing. Hole printing have TengXieBan, hollow out spray version of flowers and screen printing and so on many kinds of form.
Screen printing the original manual operation, when only a version of the frame, a piece of silk screen version and a template. By the s screen printing to realize mechanization, automation. Roller-type silk printing machine for printing ink forme capacity is much, suitable for printing ink layer thick prints, can be in all sorts of paper, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic or cloth printing, can use a variety of printing ink, including the gold ink conductive properties.
The modern printing machinery is further toward the high speed, high efficiency and high development direction. Large, multiple color, multi-function, and automation, linkage, series of model and type, also growing.
For example: in the original main type, and on the basis of the same type of unit together, can make the single side, monochrome print into the single side, multiple color printing, also can make double side, monochrome print into the single side, double color printing; The different types of units together, can according to need to be offset printing, gravure and combination of printing of embossed joint.

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