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Offset printing printing quality factors influence

A, the film to the influence on the quality of printing
The film in the development of the exposure, upper fuser process, relates directly to the film image clarity and contrast. Therefore, to film making, the key should see graphic part of the density and graphic part and the graphic part of the contrast. The higher density, the greater the contrast, the higher quality of film making, with its produce quality of plate can be guaranteed. In addition, the thickness of the film making will also have an impact on the quality of plate making, general thin film is better than thick film effect.
Second, a version of the influence on the quality of printing
Bask version process, the strength of the light, the light source of plate from distance, and the length of the time exposure will affect the sun version of the quality. Strong light source, the distance is short, the exposure time is relatively short; Weak, long distance light source, the exposure time relatively long. In a certain distance from the source and, with the growth of the exposure time, plate see the light YaoMo decomposition of increasing, see the light YaoMo until fully faceted decomposition. If the exposure time continue to grow, did not see the light of the YaoMo edge by strong light the effects of the radiation, photographic YaoMo also begin to decompose, this plate made and will be fine lines, even are short, fuzzy. If the exposure time is insufficient, the graphic part see the light YaoMo face not completely decompose, developed the graphic part of the plate are still YaoMo, when computer printing up dirty. In addition, different brands of the exposure time plate is different also, must draw people's attention.
In addition, in a version vacuum, film and the degree of the plate to influence a version of the quality, if you put false, the sun drying out of the printing plate may occur, such as vague double fault.
Three, development of the influence on the quality of printing
1. The developer concentration
Developer concentration is too large, developing too fast, easy cause excessive development of plate, graphic line is fine, fine network loss or by light is not clear, influence printing quality. Developer concentration is too small, see the light YaoMo the decomposition of the clean face not easily, computer printing easily when dirty version.
2. Development time
Development time is too long, have not seen the light YaoMo plate surface to be dissolved, the printing plate graphic will become weak, thin, cause printing molecularly imprinted of when, not clear; Development time too short, see the light YaoMo the decomposition of the face is not easy to completely remove, printing easily up dirty. The development of the appropriate time is developed plate when cleaning, see the light the decomposition of the YaoMo face just rinse. If the solution concentration is opposite bigger, the development time should be reduced; Conversely, imaging time should be extended accordingly.
Four, printing ink transfer of the influence on the quality of printing
The printing process in fact is the process of transfer printing ink, generally speaking, offset printing ink in the transfer rate is low, about at about 38%. After the printing plate describes with rubber cloth contact, printing ink transfer rate is 50%; Rubber cloth to contact with paper, printing ink transfer rate is about 76%. Control the transfer of ink rate is very important. Ink eligibility, ink balance, plate, the performance of the rubber cloth and paper, printing machine, etc will affect the ink transfer.
1. Ink to the influence of the transfer performance of ink
Low viscosity, fluidity, and big ink easier transfer, transfer rate is high; High viscosity, fluidity, and low ink transfer rate is small. To improve ink transfer rates, have to control the printing ink viscosity and flow degrees. The performance of the ink will change with the environment a subtle change, high temperature, printing ink relatively low viscosity; Low temperature, printing ink viscosity phase liu is higher. In the actual production of, should according to the actual situation of the choice of different types, different species and the way to dry ink.

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