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The paper printing adaptability

The paper can be successfully to high quality for printing, depends on the paper printing eligibility. For the requirement of printing paper is: paper tonal as far as possible to achieve the same quality of a material of colour and lustre purity, paper dust shall not exceed the scope of allowed, has the smallest light transmittance, and ensure the normal printing mechanical strength, the thickness of the paper, the degree, the structure characteristics in the same printing batch to keep the same, paper edge right Angle and Angle error should be no more than ± 3 mm.
The paper smoothness: paper smoothness directly determine the prints of the printing quality. Smooth degree is high in the paper embossing, can well made contact with the layout, the printing ink layer on the plate can be evenly transfer to the paper, and smoothness low paper, because when the surface of printing will not level off, cause pressure seal with the paper when layout uneven surface contact, make the ink layer to advance the transfer of paper presents uneven phenomenon, such as a smoothness lower paper, can be in printing appropriately increase when printing pressure, can be appropriately compensate for the rough surface and appear the imprinting FaXu phenomenon.
The paper ink absorbency: paper to the absorption of ink, paper mainly depends on the fiber of between close degree (gap size). When the paper fiber the space between the hours, because the broom too little fiber, make the function of the fiber capillary affected, the cause of the ink absorbency of a paper down; If the paper is the space between the fiber is too big, can absorb too much material for connection and cause ink pigment one and is absorbed, make prints appear through seal phenomenon.
The flexibility of the paper and plastic: paper in the chariot, printing and so on various put in the process, can because of the surrounding environment and to produce all sorts of different change. As in the role of the external force, the instantaneous changing our shape and size, and when outside force to stop, the paper and will be restored to the original shape and size, the deformation process called sensitive elastic deformation; When the paper by external in a regular when divergent views of interval between change their shape and size, stop the external force role slowly back to its original shape and size, the deformation process is known as anelasticity deformation; When the external force after the cancellation, paper or keep in the external force caused by when the size and shape of the deformation of the condition, known as plastic deformation. Sensitive elastic deformation, anelasticity deformation is a reversible deformation, and plastic deformation is irreversible distortion.
The paper surface strength: paper surface strength decided the paper in the surface of printing wearability, fight off powder, resistance to have the decisive influence such as burr. When printing to in order to get a clear network, and will use a higher viscosity some ink, if the surface of the paper insufficient strength, will be easy to fall powder, wool phenomenon, and adhesion in version of the surface; If use lower viscosity of printing ink, in lithography, ink and education version for liquid emulsion, causing the space of plate and dirty.
The water content of the paper: how much of the water content of the paper, the direct impact on the quality of the prints, too much water content, the paper's intensity can be reduced, in the role of the external force, the paper fiber will be pulled out, make plastic deformation to strengthen imprinting the drying speed affected; Such as water content too few, the paper can be sent fragile, easy to cause the damaged, produce static, etc. Because the water content of the paper with the surrounding environment have great correlation, so for the printing machine room of the humidity and temperature are to the arrangement of the proper, in order to maintain the balance of the paper water content.

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