The ebook is gradually establish its market position in United States
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The ebook is gradually establish its market position in United States
The book trade research organization (BISG) days prior to the publishers association with the United States joint development "TuShuYe data statistics", and BaoKe market research company joint development "the reader to ebook reading and consumption attitude survey" the latest research results for the industry to understand the ebook market opens a window: former data display, November 2009 ~ 2012 5 month, the United States ebook consumer groups from 4% in to to 24%. While the latter data show that the adult fiction kind books, electronic medium product sales volume has more than any other material products, such as the DE luxe edition and paperback.
Although generally speaking, the traditional printed type books or dominate the market, but the ebook has gradually established its market position, no longer by the consumers as the publication of the new product.
E-book readers quadrupled
According to the BaoKe tracking data of monthly report, in January 2011 rooms, to force the reader (namely every week at least buy e-books product readers) group, the proportion of peak is the United States followed by two months of national holiday period, to the second quarter and the third quarter, number of readers tend to be gentle. The first quarter of 2012 showed the same trend from the same period last year, however, into 5 months, the reader quadrupled.
Experts say the change trend is still needs to be observed and analyzed. It is notable that participatory readers (used to buy a product of ebook reader) quantity steady and continuous growth, that is to say, more and more people begin to buy e-books, electronic reading group growing.
Tablet PC or replace electronic reader
The book trade research organization in the new release project report points out, tablet PC hold rate constant growth, about a 25% increase over last year, has become the first choice for consumer electronic reading equipment. In contrast, the utilization rate of electronic reader is decreased by 25%.
The tablet PC boom mostly by amazon last year launched new products KindleFire driven. This product into the market from the beginning of the performance is not common, the existing 17% of electronic publications readers holding this reading equipment. The other two products, such as ba's NOOK also become a line products. In addition, apple tablet PC performance has always been steady, August 2011 from 2% of the readers to hold rate in August 2012 to 7%, at present stable at 10%.
However, some of the personage inside course of study thinks, tablet PC will give ebook market bring adverse effect. BaoKe company vice President publishing service kelly gravel Buddha lady openly "relative to electronic reader speaking, tablet PC with multiple functions, will distract the user's attention to other non reading activities, causes the reader to reduce or slow purchasing activities, so as to produce unfavorable effects on ebook market." She also think for e-book readers speaking, the use of electronic ink technology equipment than flat computer cost low, reader price unceasingly will also reduce, it is estimated that the end of the year NOOK and Kindle will launch promotional products even free products.
Consumers more favour tablet PC reading
Tracking survey to force consumers purchasing behavior can bring many market development information. The book trade research organization deputy CEO Angela Mr Lady said: "at present looks like, amazon, Barcelona's bookstore, apple and Microsoft launch of the tablet PC new products will be near the break of the hot sale."
Those who buy e-books every week to force more and more readers tend to choose to use tablet PC to read books. According to the latest data show that 38% of the readers to force at present, said tablet PC is their main reading equipment, compared with a year ago, this group has doubled. However, the use of electronic reader in the group scale but from last year's 66% down to 50%.
It is worth noting that the apple iPad user group, e-book reading function of the use of only about half, 60% of the users use web browsing and documents edit function, 59% of the users to send and receive mail or instant information; Amazon KindleFire users use slightly different, sixty percent of people said they would frequently buy and read e-books, 30% of the people use it to the Internet edit file, the person of 25% is used to transfer information.
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