2016 north American flexible packaging market income will reach to 30 billion usd
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2016 north American flexible packaging market income will reach to 30 billion usd
In recent years, due to lifestyle changes, makes consumer spending habits change. Compared to the previous "hard" packaging, flexible packaging products because of light quality, has cut off performance is good wait for an advantage, the praise highly of by people more and more.
According to business research and consulting company Frost and Sullivan issued by the north American flexible packaging market analysis report shows that in 2011, the north American flexible packaging market revenue of $25.4 billion. By 2016, this number will rise to $30 billion, the year compound growth of 3.8%.
"Food and beverage packaging is the flexible packaging products the main application field, and medical care has also become flexible packaging market at present the fastest-growing part of." Frost and Sullivan research analyst Tridisha Goswami said. "flexible packaging product innovation means efficient, personalized and sustainable development, it is vital important success factors."
It is reported, because of its characteristics of light quality, polymer in flexible packaging application materials market has been dominant, and at the same time, the use of polymer as material of flexible packaging product also has the barrier property good, clear transparency high mechanical strength and higher advantages, has been is valued by the market. In addition, the report also noted that some of the visual impulse is strong, use and carrying convenience, and with green environmental protection properties of flexible packaging products will attract more attention of the market eyes.
The report also suggested that due to flexible packaging products from other countries the fierce competition, flexible packaging production cost to gradually reduce, this slow down the speed of development in North America. But some pursuit of innovation, personalized and green environmental protection flexible packaging enterprise, will be in the market developing to find new opportunities and usher in the continuous business growth.
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